RTS/RPG Unit Template – Multiplayer – Gameplay Ability System

Create your own RTS Unit with the RTSUnitTemplate-Plugin, which is written in C++.

If you encounter any problems, crashes, bugs, or if you need support,

please do not hesitate to contact me via email: [email protected].

For Gameplay preview please see the Videos below:

For Camera preview please see the Video below:

For Pathfinding preview please see the Video below:

For the Speaking Unit please see the Video below:

For the Healing Unit please see the Video below:

V4.5.8 (01.05.2024) (in Review)

  • Bugfix – There is an Issue with a Endless loop if the Surce is not a Landscape (and the Unit is in State Patrol Random) which will be fixed with this Patch. You can then choose a Seconds Landscape Class.

V4.5.7 (16.04.2024)

  • Update to UE 5.4
  • Speed Check (Fixes that on some terrain, units could sometimes walk on place)

V4.5.6 (16.04.2024)

  • Added chooseable worker distribution to the Resource GUI
  • Choose how many workers work on which resource

V4.5.5 (04.04.2024)

  • Bugfixes in AI-Controller
  • Improved Perception for different unit states
  • Set WalkSpeed to 0 for different unit states

V4.4.3 (24.03.2024)

  • Bugfixes UnitController (Lead to walking on place and stuff like this)
  • Bugfix in Casting (Lead to crash)

V4.4.2 (15.03.2024)

  • Added Casting Example to the Abilitys
  • Added Investing in to Ability and using Invested Points to change (casttime, size, range, count) of abilitys.
  • Fixed HealthReg lead to Resurrection
  • Rework Unit Detection in Controller

V4.3.2 (21.02.2024)

  • Resource Widget Replication via GameState
  • Run after Teleport Bugfix

V4.3.1 (13.02.2024)

  • Pickup and Drops (With Gameplay Effects)
  • Worker and Resource
  • First two Buildingtypes Bases (to deliver Resources) and Towers.

V4.2.0 (28.01.2024) – Video

  • Ability Interface -> Choose 4 out of 16 Abilitys for Every Unit
  • Diversified EffectArea for more Abilitys
  • Diversified Projectile for more Abilitys

V4.1.3 (15.01.2024)

  • Teleport Ability (for Ranged)
  • Charge Ability (for Meeles)
  • EffectArea Ability (AOE Attack)
  • Projectile with Effect

V4.0.0 (28.12.2023) – Video

  • Gameplay Ability System
  • Attributes in Attribute Class
  • Levelsystem with Talentpoints to Invest
  • Abilitysystem – Abilitys can be created via BPs

V3.5.3 (28.11.2023)

  • Added Spawnsystem Gamemode + DataTable

V3.3.2 (15.11.2023)

  • EOS Multiplayer Session Interface
  • Create/Join/Quit a Session
  • Guide in Wiki http://wiki.teufel-engineering.com (for Questions: [email protected])

V3.1.0 (26.10.2023)

  • Ai-Controller Improvements
  • Walk Random close to a Waypoint
  • Started work on EOS Subsystem (Network UI – create/join Games) – not finished

V3.1.0 (12.10.2023)

  • Network Replicated
  • Units are chasing with UE-Pathfinding now!


  • Big Camera Rework

V2.3.6 (07.08.2023)

  • Added Accelaration for Cam Movement
  • Added UE-Pathfinding in Controller as Option+


  • Added Team IDs and deleted bool IsFriendly
  • Units with same Team Id will not attack each other
  • Units with different Team Id will attack each other
  • Units with Team Id = 0 are not selectable (like Enemy Units)
  • Units with Team Id > 0 are selectable


  • Bugfix Speaking Unit (if no sound is used it crashes)

V 2.1.1

  • Added Custom AbilityState
  • Create your own Abilitys via Skript and use my CustomStates for no Issues with other States

V 2.1.0

  • Added Speaking Unit
  • Create a Question/Answer Circle. No Limit to Circle size.
  • Add Answers and Questions via DataTable.
  • Add Sounds to Speech and to Buttons.
  • Cool Cam Rotation while Speaking.

V 2.0.0

  • Pathfinding with Dijkstra

V 1.3.2

  • Added a Statemachine and second Controller Class for Camera
  • Live Switch to Third Person Camera possible.
  • Bug fix: Rotating while locked to Character: Cam will move with Character now
  • Minor Fixes.
  • Switch to Enhanced Keyboard Inputs

V 1.2.1

  1. Bugfix in Unitbehavior (UnitControlStateMachine)
  2. Added Blendspace Animations with DataTable


Or check the Documentation:


Choose if your Unit is:

  • Enemy or Friend
  • Range
  • Health
  • Attack Damage
  • MovementSpeed
  • Sight
  • IsFlying
  • …. and more, see the Documentation!

ControllerBase + CameraControllerBase:

CTRL + E — Rotate Cam Right (works also when Cam is locked to Unit )

CTRL + Q – Rotate Cam Left (works also when Cam is locked to Unit )

CTRL + Left Mouse Click — Move Cam to Mouse Position

CTRL + W — Zoom Cam In

CTRL + S — Zoom Cam Out

CTRL + HOLD SPACE — Fast Zoom Out to Position

CTRL + SPACE + Left Mouse – Move Cam to Mouse Position

Mouse to Screen Edges — Move Cam to Mouse Position

Right Click when Unit Selected — Move Unit

Shift + Right Click when Char. Sel. — Move Unit through Waypoints

CTRL + G when Unit Selected — Lock Unit on Character

CTRL + T when Unit Selected — Switch to Third Person Mode

Press A when Character Selected – toggle Attack

Press A + Left Click when Character Selected – Move to Position and Attack

Press A + Left Click on Enemy – Focus this Enemy

HOLD TAB — Show Control-Widget

When Character is Selected:

A – Set Unit into Detected Mode

A + LeftClick – Move to Position and Attack everything in your way

If RTSUnitTemplate is installed, the Classes can be used as Parent Class in Blueprint, so all functions from this Class are available in Blueprint. Just use one of the Following Classes as Parent Class and or just choose them in your GameMode Blueprint. Category = RTSUnitTemplate / TopDownRTSCamLib

ALL 3D-Models, Animations and Sounds are changeable via Blueprint.

3D-Models and Animations are Epic-Games Content

Technical Details

Features: (C++ ParentClasses)

  • CameraBase
  • UnitBase
  • UnitControllerBase
  • ControllerBase
  • CameraControllerBase
  • AI-Controller for Meele/Range/Healer/Worker
  • HUDBase
  • PathProviderHUD
  • DijkstraCenter
  • NoPathfindingArea
  • UnitBaseHealthBar
  • Projectile
  • SelectedIcon
  • Waypoint

Code Modules: (Please include a full list of each Plugin module and their module type (Runtime, Editor etc.))

  • RTSUnitTemplate [Runtime]
  • Core, CoreUObject, Engine, InputCore
  • HeadMountedDisplay, NavigationSystem
  • AIModule
  • UMG

Number of Blueprints: 24+ (Most times Based on C++ Class, used for Example)

Number of C++ Classes: 10

Network Replicated: Yess

Supported Development Platforms: Tested in Windows

Supported Target Build Platforms: Tested in Windows

Documentation: http://wiki.teufel-engineering.com/

Example Project: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ESS5PYtr9mU

Open Source: https://github.com/SilvanTeufel/RTSUnitTemplate

VIP Downloads Today: 0 of 0



You can contact us at any time and request that the asset you want be added to the site from the Request Asset section.

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