Advanced Third Person Shooter Project

Due some unknown changes to the shader math in UE5.3 the rifle crosshair in the 5.3 version of this project is broken, I have a fix for this in the support discord under “bug fix” channel. this fix will be added in future updates.

A preview and a demo (Google Drive/BaiduDisk)of v1.5.2, ATPS with a Smart Cover System(Blueprint component and animations)

*v1.5.2 fixes 2 small issues discovered since 1.5.1. These are very easy to fix(within minutes), no need to scrap your work. Search for “v1.5.2” in “BP_TPSBaseChar” and “CR_FullBodyIK_UE4” and “CR_Mannequin_BasicFootIK” for the changes

* v1.5.1 is mostly a bug fix update, all known bugs are fixed since 1.5 release. I also added some cover related UIs.

  • Fixed sprinting not replicated in some situation.
  • Fixed T-posing when wielding shield only
  • Fixed taking cover towards stairs, and IK overlapping when taking cover on stairs.
  • Added a layer for foot IK and cover IK which you can link into your main anim instance, thus fixes the issue that turn in cover montages are overriding IK adjustment.
  • Applied a simple fix for client side weapon attaching issue, this might see some extra updates in the future.
  • Added cover UIs and block fire Icon when in cover, to add these into your current project, search for “1.5.1” in both BP_ATPSPlayerController and BP_TPSBaseChar for the code you need to copy over


Join the support Discord Server if you need assistance.

Project Documentation

v1.4 The Gunslinger Edition preview

1.3.2+ (some features in next update)

1.3 update demo video (multiplayer support)

Older Demo Video

Quick Integration with ALSv4 (for single player only, require a few additional step since v1.3, contact me if you need assistance)

Added in 1.2:

Recurve Bow – Youtube or Bilibili

Weapon handling:

  • Pickup weapons, equip or holster them, switch between weapons, quickly switch to your side-arm, throw your current weapon away or replace it with a more desirable one.
  • Dual wield Pistols and shield
  • Reload animations include AR/Bolt-action/Pump-action shotgun/Machine pistol/Revolver/Sawed off shotgun and Bow, more to come.
  • Realistic Ammo management.
  • Toggle fire mode from auto to burst or semi-auto, customizable for each weapon.
  • Automatically adjust aim-down sight animations to fit weapons with different aiming baseline.
  • Multiple right hand and left hand grip pose to fit your weapon.

Creating a weapon with easy:

  • Create a customize weapon with easy, weapon logic supports automatic/burst-fire/semi-auto/single-shot(pump-action/lever-action/bolt-action/bow).
  • Give it some basic parameters, a skeletal mesh and some beginner level animations, then you got yourself a working realistic weapon.
  • Bullet-counted reload available for your classic shotguns/lever-action rifles and revolvers , load your weapon 1 round or several at a time, logic supports revolver speed loader and shotgun double/quad load(Animations available soon).
  • A wide range of customizable parameters including: muzzle velocity/RPM/chamber size/Mag size/fire mode/ammo type/rounds per load and recoil.

Third-Person Shooter Parallax Compensation:

  • Automatically compensate parallax that comes with over-the-shoulder camera

Customizable Demo Level:

  • An easily customizable CQB course that keeps track of your best score. Test out your new weapons and brush up your skills after a long day of dev work.
  • Battle against endlessly spawning enemy AI army, odds are against you, but at least you have an endless supply of weapons and ammo.

More contents will be added in future updates:

  • Weapon and Character perks/skills
  • More weapon types and animations will be available soon, including bow/crossbow/flame thrower and laser
  • Attachment system include various grips/sights/muzzles/Stocks
  • Throwable weapon like grenades and throwing knives
  • Tactical gears like riot-shield and combat knife
  • dual-wield system
  • Full-height and half-height cover system
  • Switch shoulder and firing hand
  • Network replication

Update log

v1.5 is a big update focusing on the newly added cover shooter feature, try the demo above for.

  • 2 handed weapons and bows can now be wielded and operated in the offhand, lots of cool new animations added for these deadly long weapons.
  • Simplified Anim BPs for better support-hand IK.
  • Added BP_SCSComponent, housing the majority of the cover system logic.
  • Added linked anim layers for all weapons long and short and all wield status.
  • Added automated clipping fix to reduce character mesh clipping into cover.
  • Dynamically support different cover height.
  • Easy to use in level design. No need for custom actor type, or custom collision/Object type, simply place a flat or reasonably curved mesh into your level, if it blocks the visibility channel, it can be used as cover.
  • Modified camera system allows much better in cover view.
  • Adjustable in cover exposure, for your own gameplay style.
  • Left and right cover to cover move is available now, more cover to cover moves will be added in future updates.
  • And as always, multiplayer ready.

v1.4.3 is only available for UE5 as I’m considering moving on from older engine versions. (UE4 skeleton will always be supported though), if you do require an UE4 version of this project (4.25-4.27), please contact me directly.

  • Added dual-wielding 2 handed compact weapon.
  • Reworked Anim BP with lots of improvements.
  • Remade some animations, for both UE4 and UE5 mannequin.
  • Fixed an issue with the bow’s 3 pin reticle, now it indicates the correct distance for different screen size.
  • Arrows now stick to surface/character when hit. This is a start, will continue to improve this when I begin with bullet penetration.


v1.4.2 The Gunslinger Edition:

Fixed a bug preventing AI to shoot a bow

v1.4.1 The Gunslinger Edition:

Added a feature allowing main-hand 1-handed weapons to be switched to off-hand

various bug fixes

Technical Details


  • A smart cover system, dynamically support different cover height, and curvy cover. Shoot from cover blindly or aiming down sight.
  • Realistic dual-wield system, mix and match different weapons including 1 handed/2 handed compact and shield.
  • Parallax compensation for over-the-shoulder camera
  • Parameter defined weapon blueprint for easy creation of unique weapons
  • Weapon handling animations: equip/holster/reload/switch to side-arm/throw
  • Procedural weapon recoil
  • Slide-lock/Bolt catch logic included for modern firearms
  • Bullet-counted reload system for shotguns and revolvers
  • Shotgun Combat load
  • Charge fire mode for weapons like a bow
  • Easily customizable demo levels with range targets and spawning points for weapons/ammo/enemy AIs
  • 2 playable demo levels

Number of Blueprints: 89

Number of Animations: 1556(Including animations on both UE4 and UE5 skeleton)

Input: (Keyboard and Mouse)

Network Replicated: (Yes)

Supported Development Platforms:

Windows: (Yes)

Mac: (No)

Documentation: Detailed comments available inside the project blueprints

Important/Additional Notes:

Support email: [email protected]

Discord Server

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You can contact us at any time and request that the asset you want be added to the site from the Request Asset section.

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