Horror Amplifier

Horror Amplifier now in MONO. 02/09 added new track Technical Details Features:  Updated Number of Audio Waves: 31 Number of Audio Cues: 31 Sample rate / bit rate: 41.000 kHz, 16bit MONO WAVs Do Sound FX loop: Yes Minutes of audio provided: 00:20:54 + 00:25:26 Supported Development Platforms: All Supported Target Build Platforms: All Documentation: HQ Samples Update – Full – Important/Additional Notes: …

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Horror Music – Audio Pack

Hello Dev! This horror game music pack has 25 scary songs to immerse your player in the game experience! It was based on famous games of this style. Some songs are faster with a sense of urgency, for when the player is being chased by some monster, or time is running out, others give a feeling of uncertainty, some are …

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Apocalyptic & Infected Lands Audio Music Pack

The complete Apocalyptic & Infected Lands Audio Music Pack v1.6.0 includes 32 original soundtracks( from 0:50 sec to 11 mins /track) , 26 Apocalyptic Loop-Ambients and includes four folders : ORCHAPOCALYPSE FOLDER : Orchestral Apocalypse Folder (10 songs) for realistic projects. RETROCALYPSE FOLDER : Retro Apocalypse – Infected Tunes Folder for retro pixelated – cartoon or sound tunes style (9 …

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Dark Horror

Originally part of Ultimate Library Music, Dark Horror is now available as a stand alone product! 26 different tracks, including multiple versions of some of our favourites! You can listen to demos of every second of every track so you know EXACTLY what you’re buying over at our user friendly website. CLICK ME TO VIEW DEMOS OF EVERY TRACK Please …

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Beautiful Cinematic Strings

This collection of music is the beautiful performance of a rather small sampled strings ensemble (8 first violins, 6 second violins, 6 violas, 6 cellos, 4 basses) in a medium-sized hall. This is the main reason the collection fits any type of production: big and epic or small and intimate. Preview: Beautiful Cinematic Strings by UnrealMusic | Unreal Music | …

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Footsteps – Sound Effects

Hello Dev! Purchasing this pack automatically gives you access to over 650 footstep sound effects. Steps in wood, grass, forests, branches, cement, water, high heels, boots, among many others! I believe this pack will help you a lot to sound out the walking and running action of your characters and NPC’s in many different types of terrain. Other than that, …

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Cinematic Trailer Music Bundle

Introducing the Cinematic Trailer Music Bundle – Elevate Your Projects with Unparalleled Soundtracks! Tired of generic music tracks that fail to leave a lasting impression? Prepare for a cinematic revolution with our Cinematic Trailer Music Bundle, now available on the Unreal Marketplace. Immerse yourself in extraordinary epic soundtracks that will set your projects apart. Discover the essence of originality in …

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Space Ambient Music

This is pack with 10 high quality tracks in space ambient style which will help you to make your project better ! Technical Details Preview Number of Audio Wavs: 10 Number of Audio Cues: 10 Sample rate / bit rate: (44,100 Hz) Does music loop: (No) Minutes of audio provided: 29:55 Supported Development Platforms: Windows: (Yes) Mac: (Yes)

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