Driveable Vehicle : Attack Submarine

Fully working attack submarine.

Complete with working guided torpedo’s and cruise missiles.

Working periscope with tactical map.

All in one easy to use Blueprint.

It can be used in any game or project, also included in the project is a destroyed version of the submarine.

Submarine is built from scratch.

Custom character integration ( please follow instruction no matter which vehicle is in use )

Try it before you get it. If you like it tell me why. If you don’t like it then especially tell me why, I will improve the vehicle.

Demo V.1.0

Breakdown video

Thank you 🙂

Note :

For submarine to work properly in your level :

  1. Drag and drop submarine in level on desire position
  2. Copy Z position of the submarine
  3. Locate exposed variable named ” Surface level” in the submarine
  4. Paste Z position

Enjoy you new sub in level.

Technical Details

Functionality :

  • Working submarine dive, surface, forward and backwards propulsion
  • Working periscope
  • Sonar detection for collision
  • Working torpedo’s guided or unguided version
  • Sonar detection for torpedo’s
  • Working 12 cruise missiles
  • Tactical map
  • All sounds for the submarine, missiles and torpedo’s
  • Thermal, night and FLIR vision
  • Detailed HUD with all of the icons, depth measure etc.
  • Destroyed version
  • Dummy boat included
  • PBR textures 4k

The vehicle is not associated with any real-life vehicle, there are no logos or naming of real-life vehicle.

Number of Blueprints: 1x – submarine, 1x -destroyed version, 1x cruise missiles, 1x torpedo

1x custom 3p character, 1x rifle, 1x pistol, 2x projectiles.

Blueprint for dummy drone,, dummy tank, dummy boat, practice target.

Input: Keyboard and mouse

Supported Development Platforms: Windows

Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows

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