Dynamic Campfire (Network Replicated)

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Purpose and Behavior 

Create a realistic and seamless burning simulation with the Dynamic Campfire blueprint.

Start with a fresh pile of tree branches and dried grass. Light the fire to see its dynamic materials, light, and particle effects illustrate burning and temperature increase. Stop the fire at any time and watch it smolder, until the last incandescent embers fade away.

It can also be left burning indefinitely, remaining in a static burning state once its maximum simulation values are reached by the blueprint.

In addition, other meshes such as rocks and a cooking fish on a stick can be added for decorative purposes. And the fish will also be cooking seamlessly during the Burning Process.

During the gameplay, like in real life, except for the particle effects, light and sound, the Burning Process is one directional. This means that once the tree branches and dried grass are consumed by the fire, they will not revert to their original state unless the Dynamic Campfire blueprint is replaced by a new one or its float variables are reset by methods not included.

All this can be done in Single or Multiplayer since this blueprint and all its components are Replicated.


Interacting with the Dynamic Campfire during gameplayDuring gameplay, when the player is in range and the center of the screen is aligned with the central area of the Dynamic Campfire blueprint, an interaction crosshair appears.

This serves the purpose of giving the player an indication that the interaction is possible by pressing the interaction key. In the case of the demo, the E key was chosen as the input.

Pressing the E key can turn the campfire on and off depending on the current state (burning or not burning). A cue sound will also play depending on the current state.

Technical Details



  • Demo level
  • Demo first-person character
  • Demo HUD – Interaction crosshair
  • Turns on and off pressing the E key
  • 2 decorative meshes (Rocks and Cooking Fish)
  • 9 exposed variables in the editor for customization
  • Full Network Replication
  • Detailed documentation for standalone or full integration


This Asset Pack contains:


  • 1 Actor Blueprint.
  • 1 Character Blueprint
  • 1 HUD Blueprint
  • 1 Interface Blueprint
  • 1 GameModeBase Blueprint
  • 1 Data Asset – Input Mapping Context
  • 3 Data Assets – Input Action
  • 9 Materials
  • 3 Material Instances
  • 1 Material Function
  • 24 Textures
  • 5 Static Meshes
  • 1 Skeletal Mesh (1 Morph Target)
  • 3 Sound Waves
  • 1 Sound Cue
  • 1 Niagara System
  • 4 Niagara Module Scrips


Input: Mouse and Keyboard

Network Replicated: Yes

Supported Development Platforms:

Windows: Yes

Mac: Yes

Documentation: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1pqy0rXerRTY-aYYS-OjYaQsHFNhEy0Rp/view?usp=sharing

Support email: [email protected]

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