Fortuna Ultimate Menu System

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The Fortuna Complete Menu System is aimed at giving developers an easy way to add menus to their project. There are many advanced features includes (Listed Below), and gives developers the ability to easily add and remove widgets how they wish.

Key FeaturesThis system is very extensive, the core features are as follows:

  • Ready to use Main Menu with easy customization
  • Full control over theme and style of the menu
  • Start game menu with Demo Options such as difficulty
  • Credits Slide with easily addable credits via Data Table
  • Advanced Modular Settings Menu with Save and Load functionality
  • Audio Settings with Saving and Loading
  • Keybind Settings
  • Confirmation Popup System (as seen in Quit Game usage)

Settings Menu Features:

  • Auto-Detect Display Settings
  • Apply, Save, and Load Settings
  • Auto Update Settings with Overall Graphics Setting
  • Audio Levels Ready to Use with Sound Classes
  • Key-bind Settings with Auto Saving and One Widget Functionality
  • Customizable Themes and Styles

Modular ComponentsThere are also many widgets within this system that can be used in a variety of different places. The submenus (Credits, Settings, News, etc.) are all configured to be used within any widget. The custom Buttons are configured to be ready to use anywhere as well, with tons of customization. For example, you may use the included submenus within your own Pause Menu, or use the Preset Button Widgets within an inventory system.

Fortuna ProductsUser Interface:

Gameplay Systems:

  • Object Outline System COMING SOON
  • Farming System COMING SOON
  • Interactive Foliage COMING SOON
  • Survival Attributes V2 COMING SOON



  • City Builder Game Template COMING SOON
  • Zombie Survival Game Template COMING SOON
  • Ultimate Survival Game Template COMING SOON

Technical Details


  •  Fully Completed Main Menu system
  •  Easily Customize each menu to your liking
  •  Ready to Use Settings Menu with Advanced Features
  • News Panel with Easy-to-Add News Posts
  • Credits Scene with Easy-to-Add Credits
  • Add Keybinds in a matter of minutes

Number of Blueprints: 27

Number of Textures: 5

Input: Keyboard, Mouse

Network Replicated: No

Target Platform: PC

Documentation: Click Here for Documentation

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