Interaction With ALS (IWALS)


Interaction with ALS (IWALS) 3.2.1 + Plugins Compiled for 5.3


Current Versiom 3.2.1 for 5.3

Version 3.0.2 for 5.2 is also available


Main Features

    • Simple yet flexible Base_Character BP with a curve driven approach to movement and rotation (No root motion, all movement except rolling is code driven).
    • Powerful Data Driven AnimBP with a smart approach to locomotion blending, and a robust layering system for the easy addition of game-play states and variation, without tons of extra animations. Other features include sprint impulseadditive leaningland predictionturn/rotate in placeFoot IK and more.
  • Fully dynamic Mantling System that uses simple traces to check for climbable geometry. Curve assets are used for smooth location/rotation alignment and movement.


Secondary Features

  • Experimental Data Driven Camera system using an anim instance to piggy-back off of the state machine functionality, for easy and detailed camera behavior control with states, blends, and anim curves.
  • Basic but functional Ragdoll Blending system to blend seamlessly to and from a ragdoll state. Mostly just for fun 😉


Technical Details


Main Stuff

    • Base_Character BP with 1 child.
    • AnimBP for all animation.
    • Player Controller and 3 Widgets for easy debugging functionality.
    • Player Camera Manager with an additional AnimBP for the camera system
  • Interfaces for easy communication between all the main systems.
  • Data Table and multiple curvesstructs, and enums used throughout the systems.
  • 1 new AnimMan character mesh with accompanying physics asset, great for prototyping, with easy coloring functionality (within child bp).
  • Over 100 key-framed Animation Examples with cycles, poses transitions, and more.


New picking Ammo system. New Pushing Object (Only flat ground). Rebuild entering and exiting the car. Improved exploding barrels. Added Zombie Character with AI. Dynamic Hit System with Dismemberment of body parts. Path follow system for AI. LOD’s System for AnimBP and CharacterBP. Attack system and cinematic death.




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