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Example of use in a project

Update v.1.1 – Added shooting NPCs with 3 types of behavior

Update v.1.2 – SubAction

Update v.1.3 – Tools, Weapon & Easy integration

ESRPG Integration – Video | Text

Progressive AI is a flexible, easily configurable and easy-to-use AI behavior system created from drawings. It allows you to customize the natural state of the NPC, the daily routine, the reaction to damage, the “friend-foe” system, the sociality of the NPC and the tag system.

It is excellent for implementation in projects that require an AI environment, the creation of settlements, as well as classic MMOs.

Fully replicated and verified. It has the ability to run for both multiplayer and single-player games without additional configuration.

Update v.1.1

  • Added shooting NPCs with 3 types of behavior:
  • Always stands still (for example, for the background or when you don’t need any other logic);
  • Keeps his distance and runs away when approaching the target. When moving away from the target, it continues to shoot again;
  • When the target is approaching, it switches to melee weapons, when the target is moving away, it switches back to ranged combat.
  • There were also small fixes of the previous version, correction of small errors in the NPC.

Update v.1.2

  • Minor fixes;
  • Added subtasks to the daily routine. Example: there is a current action, for example a miner. There are subtasks from it – digging, carrying, storing. Each subtask has its own animation and execution time. The subtask is arranged using the method of adding a spline and simply configuring the data table. There can be an unlimited number of subtasks and it depends on your imagination.

Update v.1.3

  • Transfer of the entire AI system to a component
  • Simplified integration with most assets (example: integration with esrpg ~5-7 minutes instead of ~40 minutes)
  • Optional use of the health component. You don’t need to enable/disable nodes and learn logic. It is enough to use the checkbox in the component to switch to your own health system
  • Added tools for NPCs. When certain points are reached, the NPC can “take” the instrument in hand and perform certain logic
  • Added NPC weapon change functionality. Previously, there was only a model change state in the hand. Now it’s a full-fledged change of weapons. Example: melee weapons on the belt, and ranged weapons on the back. When an enemy is detected, the NPC pulls a weapon from behind his back and places it in his hand. If a hostile target gets too close to him, he puts a ranged weapon behind his back and pulls a melee weapon from his belt. If the target moves away from the distance, then he puts the short-range weapon back on his belt and pulls the long-range weapon from behind his back, they will continue the long-range attack
  • Bug fix for the IdlePassive type
  • Fix NPCs getting stuck when they hit a wall and couldn’t run away from the target
  • Fix a bug when the NPC loses a target.



Technical Details

– Completely on blueprints;

– 100% replication. Ready for online games including the sounds of misses, hits, animations, health;

– Optimized NPC spawner;

– Death and respawn of NPCs;

– Shooting NPCs with 3 types of behavior (keeps the distance to the target, always stands, switching to melee);

– Easy adjustment of animations, behaviors, movement speed depending on the condition;

– Daily routine with the ability to connect your own time cycle;

– Basic simplified functionality for dynamically changing the time of day and making decisions about current tasks depending on time;

– Tag recognition system “friend-foe”;

– Reaction to damage and accumulation of damage data for aggression. Stores all attacking characters and NPCs in memory;

– The functionality of enabling and disabling friendly fire among NPCs;

– NPC health component;

– Types of behavior: Aggressive, passive, neutral, patrols (aggressive\neutral), daily routine (aggressive\neutral\passive);

– Sociality. When NPCs see that someone is attacking another NPC from the same social group (for example, a citizen), then others will change their attitude towards the attacker. Example: civilians will flee, the guards will attack an aggressive player \npc;

The animations are taken from Paragon and are used for demonstration purposes only!


Number of Blueprints: 66

Input: Keyboard, Mouse

Network Replicated: Yes

Supported Development Platforms:

Windows: Yes

Mac: It was not checked


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