Vehicle stunt jump system

Do your game ramps look bland and forgettable? change that using the Vehicle stunt jump system, with it your ramps will have much more emotion with the use of cinematic treatments worthy of a Hollywood movie. Slowmotion, post proces, camera positioning and the right lenses make a lot of difference in the user experience

Technical Details

Demo Vídeo


  • Widget showing jump results (if successful, distance, height and how many jumps left to complete all jumps)
  • The jump camera is fully configurable
  • Adjusted slow motion speed
  • Minimum speed to activate the jump
  • Works with any pawn that has the component: (ChaosWheeled Vehicle Movement Component)

1.1 Features:

New UE5 entry system installed

Requirements: (ChaosVehiclesPlugin activated in the project)

Number of Blueprints: 2 (1 Blueprint class and 1 Widget class)

Input: (Gamepad, Keyboard, Mouse)

Replicated network: (No)

Supported development platforms:

Windows: (Yes)

MAC: (yes)


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