Great White Shark Model and 7 Animations

Great White Shark Model. I have tried to add sense of reality. Supports pbr.

Animations made in maya,


-. Animations

-. low_swim

-. speed_swim

-. attack_anim

-. speed_swim_attack

-. Right_swim

-. Left_swim

-. Up_swim

-. Models are grouped for simple selection, and objects are logically named for ease of scene management. No part-name confusion when importing several models into a scene. No cleaning up necessary, just drop your models into the scene and start rendering.


-. Great White Shark Model

-. Polygon = 28509

-. Vertex = 26925

-. TexturesTypes

PBR unrealengine 4 pack 12 items Format: PNG Resolution: 4096×4096

-. Base_Color

-. Metallic

-. OcclusionRoughnessMetallic

-. Normal

** – Formats : **

-. .fbx (multiformat) ue4

Technical Details

Features: (Great White Shart model and 7 animations)

Main Texture Resolution: 4096×4096

Rigged to Epic skeleton: No

Scaled to Epic skeleton: Yes

Animated: Yes

Intended Platform: Windows

Platforms Tested: Windows

Documentation Included: No

VIP Downloads Today: 0 of 0



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