GBWFlowMove – High-speed Movement system, Multiplayer Ready!

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Note that : This plug-in has been built into the GBWPowerfulHit. If you own PH, you will not have to buy this product again.

(Note: GBWPowerfulHit plug-in is a complete combat system solution, and has many features built in to enhance combat performance. FlowMove plug-in is also one of the features built in PowerfulHit to enhance combat performance. For example, character movement control in combat, aerial combat, and so on.)

The FlowMove system is different from all other Movement systems on the market.

It focuses on the coolest and most expressive methods of Movement.

Start the FlowMove system and run amok in almost any scene!

Rest assured that FlowMove will allow your character to automatically overcome all obstacles!

Dodge, sprint, climb, slide shovel, pedal wall, glide, qualitative movement towards target… And any of the coolest Movements you can think of!

Watch the trailer now, and I believe once you see it, you can’t wait to integrate it into your own game!

Fully implemented using C++, it can be used in both C++and blueprints!

FlowMove is not only a complete set of Movement solutions, but also a carefully designed Movement framework.

This means that if you want, under the framework of FlowMove, you can completely customize your own unique Movement system.

And almost completely eliminates the need to consider complex network replication issues, just focusing on the creation of game logic.

(By inheriting the base class provided by FlowMove, you can fully customize Perceptron, Move control, runtime scripting logic.etc. All these customized extensions to FlowMove can be implemented in both C++and Blueprint). 

This is absolutely revolutionary.

Because most of the Movement systems on the market have set the character’s Movement status in advance, all you can do is simply replace some resources in these restricted states.

Moreover, almost all of these Movement systems are based on animation blueprints, so when using them, you have to modify your own animation system. This is really too much trouble!

Important/Additional Notes :

This product does not include the characters and scenery assets in the demonstration.

Technical Details


  •  The coolest Movement system, Multiplayer Ready!
  • Adopt customized RMS system for motion control and high-performance network replication
  •  Fully implemented using C++, which can be used in both C++and blueprints
  •  It has nothing to do with animation blueprints, and has absolutely no damage to your own animation system
  • Starting with DemoProject, use the fastest speed to instantly equip your own character with the ability to FlowMove!
  • A well-designed framework that can extend FlowMove in C++ or blueprints based on your own needs
  • Timely and effective online technical support. If you follow my Discord channel, you will find that if you encounter problems, you can always find me there

Code Modules:

  •  GBWFlowMove
  • GBWAnim
  • GBWAnimEditor
  • GBWFootIK
  • GBWFootIKEditor
  • GBWPowerfulPerception
  • GBWPowerfulState
  • GBWPowerfulTools
  • GBWPowerfulToolsEditor

Number of Blueprints: 0

Number of C++ Classes: 45

Network Replicated: (Of course Yes. All GBWGame products support network replication)

Supported Development Platforms: (WIn64)

Supported Target Build Platforms: (WIn64)

Documentation: GBWGame WIKI – Wikiful

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