GBWThrow-Throw, Launch and Recall anything. Multiplayer Ready

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A plug-in that allows your character to easily throw, launch and recall anything;

More than that, javelin, bow and arrow, concealed weapons… as long as you can think of them, you can easily have them;

Multiplayer Ready

Note: The plugin does not include any models/animations by itself. You can download the sample project to experience its effect. The resources used in the sample project are all free resources from the UE Market.

Technical Details


Multiplayer Ready

One component, throw and recall everything

Throw and recall processes can be completely customized

Throwing axes, flying swords, javelins, bows and arrows, guns, darts, anything you want to throw

Component implementation, easy integration

Handling events to meet your own needs

Code module: Module: GBWThrow[Runtime]

Number of blueprints: 2

Replicated network: Yes

Supported development platforms: PC, other platforms have not been tested

Supported target building platforms: PC, other platforms have not been tested

Supported engine version: UE 5.0, other1, versions have not been tested


  • 多人游戏就绪
  • 一个组件,抛出并召回所有事物
  • 抛掷和召回过程可以完全定制
  • 投掷斧头,飞剑,标枪,弓箭,枪,飞镖,任何你想投掷的东西
  • 组件实现,易于集成
  • 处理事件以满足您自己的需求


蓝图数量: 2


支持的开发平台: PC, 其他平台未测试


支持引擎版本:UE 5.0,UE 5.1, 其他版本未经测试

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