LGUI – 3D UI for UnrealEngine

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Features and tutorial : Youtube

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LGUI (Lex GUI) – Powerful 3D UI System, Nested Prefab Workflow, Tween Animation Library.

New features in LGUI 3.4.16:

  • Support GamePause and TimeDilation, thanks to LTween’s new update.

New features in LGUI 3.4.15:

  • Add new layout components just like UMG’s layout, with name start of UIPanelLayout: UIPanelLayout_HorizontalBox, UIPanelLayout_VerticalBox, UIPanelLayout_UniformGrid, UIPanelLayout_FlexibleGrid, Bilibili Youtube

New features in LGUI 3.4.12:

  • Support Multisample Anti-Aliasing (MSAA) in LGUIRenderer (ScreenSpace, WorldSpaceLGUIRenderer, RenderTarget), just enable it in ProjectSettings->LGUI. Support on Windows(DX11 & DX12) and Android(Vulkan) and MacOS, IOS not tested.
  • Support Substrate material mode in UE5.3.

New features in LGUI 3.4.10:

  • UIRecyclableScrollView now support infinite loop, just check on InfiniteLoop.

New features in LGUI 3.4.4:

  • New UI element type UIWidget which can render UMG in LGUI! And UIWidgetInteraction component for interact with it!
  • New UI element type UIRenderTarget which can show LGUICanvas with RenderMode of RenderTarget! And support interact by LGUIRenderTargetInteraction component. We can use it like a *Retainer Box*.
  • New UI element type UIFrameCapture which can capture viewport as texture for further use.

3D Menu: Video

“The Division” like UI: Video

Tutorial Project

Sample Project

Here is a HTC Vive VR project: Video 1 Video 2

Another project: Video

All UI of these videos is made of LGUI, none UMG or Slate.

Niagara LGUI Renderer: github

Use TexturePacker with LGUI: github

Use BitmapFontGenerator with LGUI: github

Technical Details


  • Full source code
  • Create UI directly inside level editor
  • 3D UI in world and screen space
  • Nested prefab for UI and other typeof actors
  • Dynamic font
  • Dynamic SDF font
  • Dynamic atlas packing
  • Full editor integration
  • Full Blueprint support
  • Horizontal/ Vertical/ Grid Layout control
  • Component based workflow
  • Flexible event system
  • Use prefab to store UI as asset, and restore it at runtime or editor
  • Tween animation system for UI and UE4’s build-in objects, and extensible for custom objects
  • Rich Text
  • UIEffect(Shadow, LongShadow, Outline, GradientColor)
  • Text Animation
  • SpecialEffects(BackgroundBlur, BackgroundPixelate)

Code Modules:

  •  LGUI (Runtime)
  •  LGUIEditor (Editor)
  • LGUIK2Nodes (UncookedOnly)
  •  LTween (Runtime)

Network Replicated: No

Supported Development Platforms: Windows Mac

Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows Mac Android IOS


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