Line Of Sight. Dynamic mesh.

The component creates a field of view (Field of vision) and allows you to detect objects. It can also be used in postprocess for a pseudo lighting and fog of war effect.

Easy use in blueprint.

  • 2 geometric types: arch and line.
  • Creates 2 arches.
  • Rotate along X, Y, Z. Not only Z (Top-Down games).
  • High performance, the component is written in C ++.
  • Can be used in 3D and 2D games.
  • Can be used for pseudo lighting (example in the screenshot).
  • Easy to use in blueprint. For minimal functionality, only two functions need to be called.
  • Additional functions for interpolation of angles, radius, rotation. Watch the video preview.
  • Can be executed on a server in a multiplayer game.
  • Detection of enemies occurs even if the mesh is invisible.

The only “Line Of Sight” plugin on the market with support for two arches, two types of geometric shapes (line and arch), reverse arch, texture support and the fastest.

Video preview: YouTube

Full documentation: Here and Here

Video tutorial on Youtube: basic functions

Manual – creating pseudo lighting (Text): Here

Create pseudo lighting (Youtube): Here

Forum Thread (Support): Here

Technical Details

Number of C++ Classes: 1

Network Replicated: No (The component can be run on the client and on the server. To notify other players, create a Custom Event with replication -> Multicast).

Supported Development Platforms: Any (Windows, Mac, Linux)

Supported Target Build Platforms: Any (Tested on Windows 10 and Android 7)

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