Ninja Combat

The Ninja Combat is the foundation for our combat system and we are proud to make it available to you too! In this first version you will find a lot of content to get started.

It was designed for Action RPGs, Adventure Games and “Souls-Likes”, but due to it’s very extensible nature, you may find other uses for it in your projects, and we would love to see that!

It was meticulously made, with a lot of passion and care, for developers who want to have a strong foundation for their games, without compromising their current design or getting too restricted by “templates”.

This is a Combat plugin, meaning you won’t find other non-related systems like Locomotion or Inventory. But integrating those is easy and the system shouldn’t get in your way, ever.

If you want to know more details about this plugin, and get a better feeling of what it looks like, please check the very detailed and thorough online documentation! Or join the Discord Support Server if you need some guidance, have any suggestions or feedback! This is a big system, some experience with the Unreal Engine and C++ is required.

Finally, make sure to check the other plugins available! This Combat System is a great match with our Input System, the Ninja Input!


  • Multiple core GAS-related objects for Combat: Attribute Sets, Gameplay Effects, Gameplay Abilities and Tasks.
  • Interface-driven approach to all components in the system. Extend or replace them as you need.
  • Attacks are integrated with Motion Warping, which may provide that “combat stickiness” feel.
  • Combos are driven using Unreal Engine’s State Trees.
  • The Opportunity Attack framework already contains Backstabs and Parries, but it’s made in a way so you can design your own opportunity attacks.

Technical Details

  • A framework (not a template) to help you with your combat systems.
  • Built using the Gameplay Ability System and other Unreal Engine systems such as the Gameplay Targeting System, Gameplay State Trees, Motion Warping and the Physical Animation Component.
  • Animation-driven, very modular, highly extensible.
  • Fully written in C++, exposed to Blueprints whenever applicable.

Code Modules:

  • NinjaCombat: runtime, the core functionality.
  • NinjaCombatUI: runtime, widgets and UI-related objects for the Combat System.

Additional Details:

  • Number of C++ Classes: ~80
  • Network Replicated: (Yes/No): Yes

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You can contact us at any time and request that the asset you want be added to the site from the Request Asset section.

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