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Our latest Megapack collection for Unreal Engine is here, and this time we are taking you back to Feudal Japan. This is our most extensive library of high-quality, customizable assets inspired by the architecture and culture of Feudal Japan. The team at Meshingun Studio worked hard to create a beautiful and functional collection.

One of the main focuses of this pack is the ability to easily customize and modify the assets to suit your specific needs. The modular assets are designed to snap to the grid for easy assembly, and the master materials allow for global modification of parameters.

In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, this pack has also been optimized for game development. The meshes, tools, and shaders have been carefully optimized to ensure smooth performance.

The theme of this pack is inspired by the unique architecture of Feudal Japan, with a focus on the everyday items used by merchants during this time period. Expect to see a variety of structures, including temples, vegetation, and merchant

shops, all with a distinctly Japanese flair.

➤With more than 400 assets and prefabs, this is the largest library of high-end quality assets.

➤ Nanite & Lumen Compatible

➤ Vast modifiability and customizability, along with handy blueprints, decals, and tools.

➤ All the modular assets in this pack are snappable to the grid for easy assembly.

➤ Our master materials are some of our most valuable assets which you will get for free in this pack.

➤ The master materials give the user easy access to modify parameters globally.

➤ Pre-arranged prefabs to allow you quickly set dress your environment.



-This product supports Nanite and Lumen for Unreal Engine 5.0+ (How to enable Lumen in your project)

Note: Depending on your system spec, you can turn on hardware raytracing. (Explained in the doc above, search for hardware raytracing)

Technical Details

Pre-Assembled Map (Showcase)

  • Japanese Town
  • Markets, Temples, Gardens
  • Pre-assembled locations -> Restaurant, boss house, market, etc

Overview Map

  • Modular assets
  • Unique assets
  • Blueprints showcase / instruction(s)

Playable Demo

5 Master-Materials

  • More than 280 material Instances
  • High Quality / Light Performance Variations
  • Foliage MM (Pivot Painters, Wind Options, Color Variations, and more)

More than 390 Unique and Modular Assets

  • Props such as Crates, Baskets, Cloth, Chairs, Lanterns, Candles, Fruit Baskets, and many more.
  • Modular Architecture Pieces such as Walls, Windows, Roofs, Gates, Arcs, etc.

High-Quality Textures

  • Tillable and Trim sheets
  • Unique textures
  • Decal textures


  • Highly customizable Lantern Rope Decoration Catenary with a variety of options for colors, wind, types, and many more
  • Multiple lantern types
  • Scalable Rope Decoration tool

Prop Templates

  • Assembled Temples and Buildings (Packed Level Actors)
  • Assembled Props such as Carpets, Shops, etc.

World Collection Parameter (Wind Speed, Snow Amount, etc…)

  • Control wind speed on trees and grass globally

Game Ready and Optimized Assets

  • Nanite-Ready architecture, props, and foliage
  • Low-poly meshes for non-nanite usage (blueprints)

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