HAWKNEST An Aircraft Factory Hangar (Modular)

Are you ready to customize your own HAWKNEST?

A long waited “HAWKNEST An Aircraft Factory” hangar area already available. Project includes everything pictured with all assets, materials and etc. Was created in Unreal Engine.

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Update includes: 7 Driveable Vehicles, 2 Animated Industrial Robots, Door open/close blueprint

Additional Notes:

ChaosVehiclesPlugin need to be enable.

Vehicles (Forklift, Tanks, Vans, 4X4 Faster, Floor Waching Machine) are driveable and multi functional as a door open/close, turn ON/OFF lights and flashlights.

All assets were created for realistic AAA games.

In this pack you can find around 340 unique HQ assets with huge number of Textures for your project needs. From welding robot to forklift and etc. Also you can find amazing modular assets that can help you to customize your own hangar, warehouse or what you can imagine.

They will be suitable to use for the following themed projects:

  • Level Art / Design
  • Environment Art
  • Lighting
  • Virtual Production
  • Rendering
  • Simulator
  • And what you can imagine


Please Note: With the HAWKNEST Environments you can build, learn and customize your own HAWKNEST.

If you’ll have an any question or something you imagine that we can help, feel free to contact us.

Wish you succeed to your projects.


Your Garage B14 team

Technical Details

Features: High quality models with textures Texel Density

  • Easy switch between material values
  • Driveable Vehicles
  • High quality low poly models
  • Fully customizable / Material Options / Texel Density
  • Supports Lumen (Documentation)

Number of Unique Meshes: 322

Number of Materials and Material Instances: 269

Number of Textures: 554

PBR Textures: Yes

Texture Resolutions:






Real-World Scale: Yes

Collision: Yes

LODs: LargeProp / SmallProp / LevelArchitecture

Important/Additional Notes: All textures created with right texel density.

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