Medieval Village Megapack

────────────── UPDATES ──────────────

🆕 Compatibility Unreal Engine 5.4

🆕 Nanite mesh added for flooring(Check out the previews)

🆕 Meshes are now compatible for Nanite but not enabled by default (Many features in this pack are reliant on vertex paint such as snow, rain and etc. If you wish you can enable Nanite on meshes with cost of losing some of this features)

🆕 Fixed foliage LOD and mipmap issues with foliage

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Review video from Smartpoly

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───────────── FEATURES ──────────────

Our next Megapack collection is finally here:

➤ Nanite & Lumen Compatible

➤ With over 550 assets, this is the largest library of Romanesque Medieval high-end quality assets.

➤ Bonus customizable NPC character with 5 different premade variations.

➤ Vast modifiability and customizability along with handy blueprints, tools, and prefabs.

➤ One of the main focuses of the pack is modularity and providing prefabs for effortless world-building.

➤ All the modular assets in this pack are snappable to the grid for easy assembly.

➤ Our master materials, are some of our most valuable assets which you will get for free in this pack.

➤ The master materials give the user easy access to modify parameters globally.

➤ A user-friendly weather control(Snow and rain on surfaces), wind control tool, and Thunder Lightning simulator.

➤ As this is a Game Ready asset pack, Optimization was one of our first priorities.

➤ This pack is a result of 7-month Meshingun Studio’s internal artist and technical team’s hard work.

➤ In-depth Documentation PDF along with in-editor descriptions and info cards.

►►To showcase all the features mentioned above, we invite you to play or free Playable Demo ◀◀

This demo allows you to:

1) Experience the mood and feeling of this pack’s assets, design, size, and quality.

2) Measure the performance with different engine scalability options to make sure this pack suits your project accordingly.

──────────── DISCLAIMER ─────────────

Disclaimer: NPC Character includes all default mannequin animations. Due to the character’s outfit (skirt + apron), there might be potential clipping with lower-body motion extreme animations.


What does “Meshingun OrIginal” mean? Meshingun Original packs are the ones that have been created internally, with our original concept and high precision and attention to detail. These are some of the highest quality packs on market.

====================== Package Hierarchy

Contains all/similar assets from Medieval Props Pack.

Contains a portion (wooden set) of assets from Medieval Dinnerware Pack.


Technical Details

1 Pre-Assembled Map (Showcase)

  • Snowy/rainy/clear weather Sublevels
  • Overcast/sunny lighting Sublevels

1 Overview Map

  • Modular assets
  • Tools with instructions
  • Unique assets

Free Playable Demo build

Female NPC character

  • Customizable NPC character
  • Variations
  • Epic skeleton

4 Master-Shaders

  • More than 162 Instances
  • High Quality / Light Performance Variations

More than 550 Unique and Modular Assets including prefabs

  • Set dressing assets such as armory set, dinner set, fruits, pots, interior furniture, and many more
  • Preassembled building with interiors
  • Modular Architecture Pieces such as Walls, Windows, Banisters, Gates, Scaffolds and etc.
  • Foliage such as Trees, Ground Covers, Grass and etc
  • More than 100 prefabs

4 Blueprint-based tools

  • Modifiable building tool with many features
  • Customizable Flag catenary tool for easy placement
  • Weather and wind control system + Thunder simulator
  • “Baking Prefab” tool to convert prefabs to static mesh actors with many features

World Collection Parameter (Wind Speed, Snow Amount, etc…)

Game Ready and Optimized Assets

  • Precise hand-adjusted LODs up to 8 levels

Texture Sizes: 4096-2048- 1024- 512

Rigged: Yes | Rigged to Epic skeleton: Yes | Animated: Epic Animations | IK bones: Yes | Bone Modifications: No

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