Viking Weapons and Shields Kit

High Quality Collection of 4 Viking Sword, 2 Spear, 3 Knifes, 3 Axes and 2 Shield. 6 Blueprints allow to select style of each type of weapons and allow to arrange damage intensity and roughness of meshes. Shield_02 Blueprint has 20 different of paint and 2 different kinds of metal for shield mesh. Fits for game genres such as, Viking, Medieval theme, Open World.

Important Note: New Features available for versions, after 4.24 ! Now, you can add blood and snow detail to all assets. Also Knife blueprints allows you to add sheath to knife which have sheath.

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Technical Details


  • 4 High Quality Viking Swords
  • 2 High Quality Viking Spears
  • 3 High Quality Viking Axes
  • 3 High Quality Viking Knifes and 2 Knife Sheath
  • 2 High Quality Viking Shield. Shield_02 has 20 instance material to allow select different paint and metal type.
  • 6 Blueprints for 4 type of weapons and 2 type of shields, each allows to arrange damage intensity and roughness. Also shield_02 Blueprint allows to choice paint of shield and metal type.
  • After 4.24 versions , Blood and Snow detail can be added to all assets.

Texture Sizes: 2048×2048

Scaled to Epic skeleton: Yes

Collision: Custom for each mesh.

Vertex Count: 5469-3907 verts [676-4078 tris] for axes, 195-465 verts [276-580 tris] for spears, 314-538 verts [432-732 tris] for swords, 1435-5099 verts [2166-612 tris] for shields, 541-1608 verts [664-2488 tris] for knifes and 292-854 verts [392-940 tris] for knife’s sheath.

LODs: LOD0-LOD2 for spears and swords, LOD0_LOD3 for rest of meshes.

Number of Meshes: 16

Number of Materials and Material Instances: 16 Materials and 36 Material Instance

Number of Textures: 136 (4 new texture and 32 mask texture for versions, after 4.24.)

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