1. Account Limitation: Each individual is permitted to create only one account. Multiple accounts associated with a single user will lead to immediate termination without prior notification.
  2. Appropriate Usernames and Avatars: Usernames and avatars must be selected with discretion. Content deemed obscene, hateful, racist, or in violation of our rules will be promptly removed. Avatars displaying nudity and usernames that are nonsensical sequences of characters, such as “aaaa” or “qwerty”, will result in account termination.
  3. Distribution Prohibition: Redistribution of files obtained from this platform is strictly prohibited. Violations will result in the termination of the offender’s account and potentially broader sanctions, including IP range, ISP, or city-wide bans to prevent further access.
  4. Email Registration Restrictions: Registration must be completed using a permanent email address. Accounts registered with disposable email services (e.g., yopmail, will not be accepted. Use of Tor browsers for account creation is mostly prohibited and will result in account cancellation.
  5. Security and Honesty: Attempts to compromise the website’s security, deceive members, or manipulate the system, including the use of multiple accounts, are forbidden. Those found engaging in such activities will be permanently blacklisted.
  6. Community Privacy: This is a private community. Content is not to be shared externally, and employees of copyright holders are expressly forbidden from entry. Membership applications from such individuals constitute a violation of our privacy policies.
  7. Legal and Copyright Responsibility: The administration assumes no liability for legal or copyright issues that may arise. Users are advised to familiarize themselves with local copyright laws and their internet service provider’s regulations prior to using this platform. Use of this website is at the user’s own risk.
  8. Resource Usage: All resources available on this platform are intended solely for personal learning and may not be used for any commercial purposes.
  9. Licensing for Game Development: Downloaded assets and 3D models are not recommended for use in games or content without obtaining appropriate licenses from the creators. This responsibility belongs to the relevant person.
  10. Technical Support Limitation: This platform provides download services only and does not offer technical support or remote assistance.


Service Overview

This website operates under a “try before you buy” model, providing users with the opportunity to test assets within their projects prior to purchase. Unlike other digital marketplaces, our Asset Store does not offer demo versions of assets. Typically, online purchases come with a money-back guarantee, but this is not the case for game assets. These are often sold under a strict “no refund” policy established with publishers, which can be problematic if an asset does not perform as expected. Due to such policies and the lack of recourse from payment processors like PayPal, this platform was established to allow users to test assets in accordance with the Fair Use Doctrine. The assets available here are intended solely for review, educational, and research purposes.

Purchasing Requirements

Purchasing assets is recommended if the assets are used within a product. This responsibility belongs to the individual.

Usage Policy and Copyright Compliance

Strict rules are in place to ensure that assets from this website are not redistributed or shared. Violation of this policy will result in immediate banishment from the platform. Our moderators enforce these rules diligently to prevent copyright infringement and ensure the site is used as intended.

User Support

For quick resolutions or inquiries, users are encouraged to contact us through the contact page provided on the website.

Copyright Assurance

This website strictly adheres to copyright laws and does not host or link to any copyrighted materials. All products featured here are released under the GNU General Public License, ensuring they are free from copyright restrictions. Additionally, the site does not contain direct links to any materials that may infringe upon copyright.

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