Hyper Multiplayer Survival Template Pro [MST]

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Multiplayer Survival Template ProHave you ever wanted to make a survival game? This is the template for you. This is the most modular, organized and robust multiplayer survival template available to kickstart your project.

Start Small, Upgrade anytimeDue to the versatile nature of Hyper Modules, I can provide various tiers for you to select the one that suits your requirements. You can begin with the starter tier and assess its suitability. If you require additional features, you have the option to upgrade to the Plus or Pro tiers anytime.

Key SystemsThis comprehensive template comprises the following core systems and therefore all the key features of these systems:

Optional courses available:I do provide optional courses. Currently, I have a course for the absolute basics of UE5 and one in the making for learning how to create a multiplayer survival framework which helps to comprehend an extensive framework that also highlights “why” certain architectural choices are made with the goal to provide you with foundational knowledge.

Demo and ContentExplore the full experience in the demo.

The majority of the content is crafted by me. However, I also incorporate exceptional assets from Epic Games when available. Additionally, I utilize CC0 assets wherever feasible. Credits for external assets can be found in the readme files.

Technical Details

·        Enhanced Input

·        Network Replicated

·        Anticipated cross-platform functionality, although currently tested on Windows

·        Primary logic implemented in actor components, allowing for easy drag-and-drop integration onto an actor

·        Utilizes data tables where applicable


Blueprints: 580

Widgets: 129

Meshes: 755

Materials: 392

Textures: 2113

Animation Sequences: 630

Size: ~26GB (due to textures and animations) 4,3 GB Packaged

Multiplayer Survival Template [MST]

You can use Hyper’s modular assets as a building block in your projects or in conjunction with my other modular assets. Upgrade anytime from Starter to Plus, Starter to Pro or Plus to Pro.

Support, community and documentation📁

Upon purchase verification, you gain access to support forums for addressing bug encounters, data models, and a helpful community.

Documentation📑and YouTube 🎥 is accessible through Discord without the need for verification.

I comment extensively in the code, not just to explain actions but also to provide insights into their reasons, aiming to enhance your learning experience.

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You can contact us at any time and request that the asset you want be added to the site from the Request Asset section.

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