Cinematic TCG Creature Cards Collection

Unleash the beastly power of over 200 incredibly detailed and cinematic monster cards. Specifically crafted for game developers, this collection is a treasure trove of unique creatures that promises to infuse your trading card games with a compelling, monstrous twist.

Every monster card boasts a high resolution of 2216px by 3250px, ensuring that each beast’s exquisite details are brought to life in stunning clarity. From the intricate scales of dragons to the swirling mists of ethereal apparitions, every element is rendered with a breath-taking attention to detail.

Featuring transparent backgrounds, these cards are meticulously designed for easy integration into your games. Seamlessly drop these monstrous creations into your pre-existing card templates or backgrounds, thereby preserving the aesthetic consistency of your game. This feature also allows you to layer and compose designs with a professional ease, offering limitless possibilities for creativity and originality.

This collection provides an incredible opportunity to expand your game’s universe with diverse, visually arresting monsters. It caters to an array of genres and themes, with creatures ranging from the familiar and fantastical, to the exotic and unheard of.

Make your trading card game a compelling visual experience, stir the imagination of your players, and keep them hooked with the limitless storytelling potential of these monster cards. Embark on a journey into the fantastic, and take your game to new, monstrous heights.

Technical Information:

200+ Individual PNG’s at 2216px by 3250px resolution

Comes with 2 versions – Borders & Borderless

Technical Details

203 Individual PNG’s

Image sizes: 2125px by 2750px

Comes with 2 versions – Borders & Borderless

This pack has been developed with the assistance of generative AI software, Photoshop & Lightroom

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