Grenade Animation Kit



Easily integrate a grenade throwing system into your next first-person (FPP) or third-person (TPP) project with this detailed animation set. This pack includes over 17 core FPP and TPP animations, crafted with care and attention to every detail.

Includes a hand-textured 4K MK2 Grenade Skeletal Mesh with over 25 grenade animations to match the FPP and TPP animations.

Complete and working Animation Blueprints (with montages and blend spaces) and Character Blueprint have been compiled with all animations for quick setup and easy reference! Blueprints are setup to demonstrate the ease of which this asset can be integrated into your current project and are a great starting point.

Animations are AAA quality, with FPP timing matching the TPP and MK2 Grenade Animations.

Note: Audio from

Note: Current blueprints are not network replicated.

Technical Details

Animations (FPP and TPP):

· Aim

· Aim Idle

· Aim Walk

· Equip

· Idle

· Jump Aim End

· Jump Aim Loop

· Jump Aim Start

· Jump End

· Jump Loop

· Jump Start

· None (placeholder)

· PinPull

· Punch

· Sprint

· Throw

· Unequip


· Character Blueprint

· Grenade Blueprint

· Animation Blueprints (+ montages & idle/walk/run blend spaces)


· MK2 Grenade: 1 (+ 1 material instance)


· MK2 Grenade: 1 (+ 1 base, 1 pin, 1 seal)


· MK2 Grenade: 5 (ambient occlusion, base, metallic, normal, roughness)

· Texture Resolution: 4096 × 4096 (metallic and roughness masks are 1024 × 1024)

Scaled to Epic skeleton: Yes

Rigged: Yes

Rigged to Epic skeleton: Yes

Animated: Yes

Collision: Yes

Number of Animations: 62 (18 FPP, 18 TPP, 26 Grenade)

Animation Types: In-place

Supported Development Platforms: PC, MAC, MOBILE, OTHER

Supported Target Build Platforms: PC, MAC, MOBILE, OTHER

Documentation: Email Support

Additional Information: This asset is primarily an animation and art asset. Blueprints are used to showcase how best to use these animations and assets.

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