Cine Designer

*This product supports Lumen for Unreal Engine 5.0+

Cine Designer is a growing collection of film equipment Blueprints that closely match real world film industry standards. The Blueprints are designed to be used with Lumen for Unreal Engine 5.0+ Editor.

TutorialsPlease watch the Cine Designer UE5 – YouTube Tutorials


  • Blueprints are designed for Unreal Engine Editor (High Resolution Screenshots and Movie Render Queue).
  • Blueprints function for “Runtime” games/apps but there is no framework included to control/interact with them.
  • Blueprints have limited functionality with Sequencer. (In Development)
  • MetaHumans shown in images/videos are NOT included
  • Cameras are stock Unreal Engine Cine Cameras or Rigs
  • Blueprints require UE 5.0+ and Lumen to be enabled (see documentation)
  • Blueprints are NOT designed for Static/Baked Lighting and maps and assets are NOT optimized for light maps
  • Blueprints are NOT designed for Path Tracing

Release NotesVersion 1.0The first release has a very limited selection of equipment. This is to establish the class design, Editor Utility Widget functionality, Lumen integration, and UE Marketplace compliance standards before adding more equipment.

Technical Details


  •  Film Industry based Lighting Fixtures with Modifiers
  •  Film Industry based Grip Equipment
  •  Custom Editor Widgets / UI
  • Demo Maps: GreenScreenStudio, DayInterior

Number of Blueprints: 50 Unique Equipment Blueprints

Input: n/a

Network Replicated: (No)

Supported Development Platforms:

Windows: (Yes)

Mac: (Yes)*

*Tested with Unreal Engine 5.2 (Mac Universal) on an Apple Mini M2. The MacOS Unreal Engine Editor does not currently support Hardware Global Illumination, Ray Traced Reflections, or Nanite.

Documentation: Official Unreal Engine 5 Lumen Documentation

Important/Additional Notes:

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You can contact us at any time and request that the asset you want be added to the site from the Request Asset section.

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