Defender: Top Down Shooter V2

All assets you see in videos and screenshots are included in the project file! Please play the demo to see all awesome features in action!

Defender is a top-down shooter template where you can use well-designed components to develop your games more easily. You can make your dream shooter game in no time!

❖ Showcase product during 6th September – 20th September 2022 (First time) ❖

❖ Showcase product during 5th March- 19th March 2024 (Second time) ❖

Even you don’t interested in Top-Down Genre you should have this asset because you can be inspired by this project awesome framework and transfer your knowledge to other projects. You can read reviews about our happy customers.

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  • %100 Blueprint and well commented
  • Includes Paragon Murdock, Wraith, Twinblast
  • Educational blueprint design with a lot of examples
  • Component-based design. You can use in-game components to any games you want.
  • Event-driven system to optimize logic. No need to make heavy casting operations between blueprints.
  • Partitioned Save/Load System
  • Different enemy types: Trooper, Sniper, Boomer, Heavy Gunner
  • Melee system and melee enemies like gruntling, spiderling and spider boss!
  • Different weapons like AssaultRifle, Heavy Machine Gun, Plasma Rifle, Rocket Launcher and Sniper Rifle
  • Vending Machine for the player to purchase weapons with in-game currency.
  • Actor flashing when taking damage with DamageFlashComp
  • DissolveComp to Material based dissolve in Characters
  • Improved damage text to show damage on actors.
  • Adaptive camera blueprint.
  • Outline material to draw outlines around meshes like loots and character
  • Enemy AI with behaviour trees.
  • Loot component to spawn user-defined specific or random loots
  • FadeMeshComp to fading mesh in front of main character.
  • Tagging system to define battle groups between NPCs.
  • Dynamic Hp Bar component to show hp with a lazy hp bar. Add to any actor to have a health bar in just a few clicks.
  • Multi-message feature to show multiple in-game messages efficiently.
  • Player Screen with four tabs: Character, Weapons, Armor, Abilities
  • Stat System with StatsComp
  • Primary and Secondary Weapon Slots
  • Wearable Items (Armor)
  • 7 wearable armors each to ArmorTorso, ArmorHead, and ArmorLegs
  • Stats like XP, XP Bonus, Critical Hit Chance, Armor
  • InteractorComp to interact with various objects like chest, vending machine, NPCs
  • Footsteps with surface support
  • DialogueComp to show in-game dialogues
  • Dialogue Bubble to show dialogue bubble above NPCs
  • 4 Dialogue Stats: Reasoning, Manipulation, Intimidation, Karma
  • Checkpoint actor to save game when near
  • Cinematic bars widget


  • Added HitReactionComp to show reaction animation when the owner takes damage.
  • Added a new melee trace algorithm to MeleeComp. Melee traces are more accurate.
  • Reworked MeleeComp and the developers can easily add unarmed melee collisions directly to the mesh or add a collision box to a melee weapon. The MeleeComp Trace Algorithm can handle this.


  • Added new firearm stances and added two new weapon: Shotgun and pistol.
  • Added new blendspaces and animations.
  • Added Firearm Hold Left Hand IK
  • Added Destructable logic with three destructables: vase, box, barrel (For Unreal Engine Version 4.27 Only)
  • Added BloodSpillComp which has blood spilling logic when the owner is damaged.
  • Added a special camera blueprint which can track and follow the player.
  • Added highlight material function to loots.
  • Added magazine ammo low sound.
  • Added Warrior type enemies (Human with melee weapons)


  • Added Ability System and abilities like Dash, Energy Barrier, Turret Companion, Healing Probe, Slam
  • Added EnergyComp to store and refill owner’s energy for using abilities.
  • Updated HUD Design to show abilities, weapons, hp and energy bars.
  • Added companions like turrets and soldiers.
  • Updated Tagging system to add companions.


  • Added Enhanced Input System
  • Added Weapon Upgrade System
  • Added Some cool weapons like: Shotgun, Electric Gun and Flamethrower
  • Improved Blood Spill Comp to show blood realistically.
  • Added Toggle Laser with middle mouse button.
  • Added impact wounds to all characters.
  • Added 5 different type of dynamic crosshairs
  • Added Vehicle Possession and an example map to demonstrate this logic.

And much much more…

Please make a copy of your previous Defender project before updating with new versions.

This project requires Common UI Plugin, Apex Destruction Plugin and Enhanced Input Plugin provided free of charge by Epic Games.

Disclaimer: For demonstration purposes, this product uses some assets from “Lyra”, “Showdown VR Demo”, “Infiltrator Demo”, “Soul City”, “Subway Sequencer”, “Action RPG”, “Blueprints”, “Shooter Game”, “Paragon”, “Content Examples”, “Infinity Blade: Weapons”, “Animation Starter Pack” distributed free of charge by Epic Games

Technical Details

All humonoid characters are using UE4 Default Skeleton.

Number of Blueprints: 418

Number of Widget Blueprints: 65

Input: Keyboard & Mouse, Gamepad With Game & UI Support

Network Replicated: No

Supported Development Platforms:

Windows: Yes

VIP Downloads Today: 0 of 0



You can contact us at any time and request that the asset you want be added to the site from the Request Asset section.

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