Flexible Combat System – Basic

!!! Do Not Purchase Until Reading Statement Below !!!

The Flexible Combat System Basic is the initial release of the Flexible Combat System created back in April 2021, this combat system has been upgraded with over 1000 hours and $5000 invested this past year bringing heaps of new systems including Magic and Ranged combat, Quest System, Dialogue System, Inventory & Equipment system, Improved Blueprint functionality, 200 new Professional Animations, Sound FX, Niagara VFX, Music, Icons, UI and heaps of other features.

Although the Updated system is now available that does not mean this asset isn’t more suited to some users. For anyone looking for an asset which is more beginner friendly this asset is perfect. This asset is the ideal introduction to blueprints and Game Development introducing you to many core concepts used in a Games.

⭐ You can find the upgraded Flexible Combat System here: Updated FCS System

The Flexible Combat System Basic is a standalone asset and can NOT be combined with my other Flexible Combat System assets.


Animated Trailer – https://youtu.be/5meEktLDJHk

Feature Breakdown Video – https://youtu.be/sdEji0-q1lk

Tutorial (Changing Character Mesh & More) – https://youtu.be/zxKDLL2Ej1M

Try out the Demo – Download The Packaged Demo

Made and designed specifically to be:

  • Easy to add in to an existing project (see tutorial)
  • Easy to implement into your project
  • Easy to understand (Blueprints)
  • Easy to edit or remove current features
  • Easy to add new features on top of the existing


  • A fully flexible Combat system where Player and AI combat styles can be added and changed in a few clicks
  • Pick Up & Draw/Sheathe Weapons
  • Weapon Styles Include: Fists, 1H and Shield, 2H, Dual-Wield (Follow my step by step tutorial to add more!)
  • Combo Attacks & Damage Multipliers (Depending on Level, Combo and Weapon Damage)
  • Popup Combat Text (Easily Removable if unwanted)
  • Targeting System
  • Line Trace Hit Detection
  • Levelling Up System (Health, Stamina, XP, Damage Multiplier tracked)
  • Smart Stamina Reduction and Regeneration System
  • AI & Player Blocking System
  • Save/Load/Restart Level/Level Travel Functionality through Checkpoints AND/OR In game Menu
  • Combat, Patrolling and Noise Detection ready AI
  • Slow Motion Kill Cams
  • Sneak/Stealth system with responsive AI
  • Player Noise Distractions (Sneaking System)
  • Player Stealth Assassinations
  • AI & Player Ragdoll Deaths (With a player respawning death screen)
  • – Particle Systems on Hit & Block

Technical Details

Number of Animations: 89

  • 33 Locomotion Animations (Strafing/Movement/Rolls/Hit Impact etc.]
  • 8 Blendspaces
  • 50 Combat Animations (Assassination Animations, Combo attacks etc.)

Number of Blueprints:

  • Number of Actor Components: 16
  • Number of Blueprint Interfaces: 3
  • Number of Widget Blueprints: 10
  • Number of Animation Blueprints: 3
  • Number of Behaviour Tree Nodes: 26
  • Number of Weapon Blueprints: 8

Input: Keyboard, Mouse

Network Replicated: No

See Project Tutorial for Instructions on using the System

Note: The majority of the animations contained in this asset pack are retargeted from the Infinity Blade Paragon Characters and are just used for demonstration. You are free to use these animations but I thought it was worth mentioning that the purpose of this asset is the combat system and not the animation side of it.

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