Third Person Shooter Kit v2.1

Update 2.1 is available now! More updates and tutorials will be released throughout 2024.

TPS Kit v2.1 update trailer: Link

TPS Kit v2.0 update trailer: Link


Advanced Locomotion System (ALS) – movement integration tutorial: Link

Documentation (work in progress)Link

Video tutorials playlist (including changing player mesh): Link

Latest update – Third Person Shooter Kit v2.1.4 – Released on 20.12.2023 – Changelog:

  • – Added unarmed weapon grip – this way you can easily change unarmed pose animations in anim data
  • – Post process weapon grip per weapon – added option to add post process grip per weapon. This way you can tweak arms post that fits with gun. This gives of flexibility for custom skeletal meshes and weapons.
  • – Added option to not spawn weapon item after AI death
  • – Various optimizations, typo fixes, bug fixes, added comments, quality of life improvements

v2.1 main features:

  • procedural ladder
  • melee weapons
  • melee AI combat behavior
  • enemy presets – civilian, knife stabber, suicider, shotgunner, melee
  • AI spawner
  • buddy AI behavior

Download Demo build

Road map: Link

If you have any questions before buying, feel free to reach out on Discord or e-mail!

Technical Details

Main features:–          Cover system

–          Human AI (hostile and friendly)

–          First person aiming

–          Advanced weapon system

–          Impact system

–          Melee weapons system

–          Melee attacks system

–          Hit reaction system

–          Surveillance camera

–          Stationary and flying turrets

–          Items system

–          And much much more!

e-mail: [email protected]

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