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*The tech demo has been modified with a Patcher, Launcher and Cloud Integration.*

Vertical Third is the ultimate iteration engine for UE5! Through DataTable driven systems you can easily change content through drag-and-drop, menus, checkboxes and simple number changes. Inside our Example Game, explore 100s of pre-defined DataTables for Loot, Quests, Actions, Crafting & more.

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Quickly iterate through ideas when utilizing Vertical Third’s key features:

Fully Blueprint Code:

  • No C++ Required
  • Does not require a source built version of Unreal Engine

Auto-Detect Multiplayer

  • Vertical Third’s systems has been designed to automatically detect if your client is a Dedicated Server, Listen Server or Client. When choosing Singleplayer, Vertical Third utilizes the Listen Server mode.

KitBash Cosmetics

  • Combine any number of Static Mesh together to create new characters or gear sets. Nanite compatible!
  • Attaches each Static Mesh to specific Skeletal Mesh sockets
  • KitBash Cosmetic level with instructions on how to use
  • Slots that have a visual appearance are: Head, Neck, Shoulders, Arms/Wrists, Hands, Chest-Top, Chest-Bot, Waist, Thigh, Calf, Foot. Where left/right is capable you can mix asymmetric options. Such as different Left and Right Shoulders.
  • Equipment will detect Male, Female and Non-Binary character settings. A different look can be created for each option for the same item.
  • *A default Mannequin is available for Male/Female currently with a Non-Binary model being planned for the future*

DataTable Based Systems

  • Combat, Loot, Recipes, Quests and Scoreboard are all DataTable based and can be quickly edited, even during play-in-editor, to make changes in real time. DataTable information is organized in categories throughout each system.

Multi-Perspective Project

  • You can set your perspective through the in Game Options menu or by setting a default character variable.
  • Vertical Third has the following perspective options: First Person, First Person Shooter, Third Person, Third Person Shooter (“True” FPS), Isometric, Side-scroller and Top-Down. With the Data Table based Combat System, you can change targeting with a simple drop-down menu.

Character Components

  • Vertical Third’s character code and systems are broken down into 22 different Actor Components: Action Manager Passives, Action Manager Player, Action Manager AI, AI Combat, AI Logic, AI Movement, AI Threat, Animation, Crafting, Death, Experience, GraphData, Input, Inventory, Loot, MeshVFX, Questing, Scoreboard, Statistics, Targeting, Team, User Interface
  • Enables better team collaboration when multiple parts of the character can be checked-out through source control.

Combat System

  • Vertical Third has a unique DataTable based combat system for both AI and Players. With an unlimited chain system, there are endless possibilities you can create. Through a myriad of options you can spawn combinations of Direct Target, Projectile (Standard/Homing/Bouncing/Bullet/HitTrace), Beam, Cone, Mobility (Dash/Teleport), Area-of-Effect (Standard/Pulse/Volume) and Actor Spawns.
  • Passive Actions for Parry, Dodge, Block, Hit, Critical Hit, Resource Percent
  • Talent System / Skill Graph

Input System (Combat)

  • The Player Character Input system handles a myriad of combat functionality such as:
  • Key-press & Key-release
  • Targeting Detection
  • Initiate Cast Bar
  • Client & Server Checks for Action Resources/Cooldowns/Range/Position/LineOfSight/CharacterStates
  • Field of View Changes
  • Camera Shake
  • Replicates the Start/End Animation Montage
  • Telegraphs
  • Initiates Cooldowns
  • Spawns the Action
  • Interrupt System


  • A full statistics systems with nearly 100 variables
  • Full damage calculations for Critical Hit, Critical Hit Damage, Parry, Dodge, Block, Block Value, Resistances, & More
  • Statistic timing changes for Instant, Duration (Buff/Debuff) or Tick (Damage Over Time / Heal Over Time)
  • Scrolling Combat Text


  • Tracks the current Enemy, Ally and Interact targets
  • Can be set to Click To Target, Auto-Target: Character Rotation and Auto-Target: Character Aim
  • Handles Ground Targeting when enabled on an Action


Vertical Third has a unique blueprint based AI system that does NOT use the traditional Unreal Engine Blackboard system. An AI Action Kit is created through a DataTable with Action slots for the the following categories:

  • Defense: Actions used when a target is in range of the Action
  • Engage: Actions used only when chasing a target that is out-of-range
  • Buff: Target a random ally and use an Action on them.
  • Heal: Detect if an ally is at 70% or less health and use an Action on them.
  • Debuff: Target a random enemy and use an Action on them.
  • Offense: Actions used on the current enemy target with the highest threat.
  • Passives: In addition to the above, AI can utilize all passive actions (Hit/Crit/Block/Parry/Dodge/Resource%)

Adventure Systems

  • Loot
  • Inventory for Loot, Quests and Crafting
  • Equipment
  • Experience/Levels
  • Crafting
  • Questing (10 Types)
  • Pre-Defined Database – 100s of Quests, Equipment, Loot and Recipes to modify.


  • Quickly setup Victory, Defeat and Other scores to track for all players. Such as Kills or Deaths.


  • AI Spawner with Patrol Options that can be visualized in the editor.
  • World Loot Spawner for items, such as Ore, Wood and Herbs.
  • Character Loot Spawner for loot drops such as equipment, weapons, quest items and crafting materials.
  • Action Spawner to handle Vertical Third’s unique action chain system. Utilizes SceneComponents and avoids spawning additional Actors where possible.

All Experience Levels

  • Designed for new Unreal Engine users with nearly no acronyms or technical jargon. Naming conventions and terminology are what you would have seen in games as a player.
  • Through DataTables you can set up AI, Combat, Loot, Recipes, Quests and Scoreboard through drag-and-drop, menus and simple number changes.
  • Advanced users can extend Vertical Third’s functionality through Blueprint code.


  • A chat system ready to go for multiplayer use. Records to the server log file with a bad-word filter that can be setup.

Keybinds & Game Options

  • A Game Menu has been setup to enable keybinds to be remapped. Default is WASD with the mouse.
  • Movement: MoveForward, MoveBackward, MoveLeft, MoveRight, MoveUp, MoveDown, Look, Turn, Jump, ClickToMove
  • Action: AutoAction, Slot01, Slot02, Slot03, Slot04, Slot05, Slot06, Slot07, Slot08, Slot09, Slot10, Slot11, Slot12, Interact
  • User Interface: Profile (Quest/Crafting/Loot/Statistic), Show Mouse, Scoreboard
  • Camera: Zoom In, Zoom Out


  • Initial localization efforts have been implemented with the use of StringTables.

Technical Details

Example Game

  • Vertical Third comes with an Example Game. A packaged Example Game is included with a Client/Singleplayer and Dedicated Server Version. This Example Game is a preview of what is capable with Vertical Third – AI, Combat, Loot, Questing, Crafting, Cosmetics & More! Located in the V3RD_Extras Folder.

Multiplayer Methodology

  • Replicate small, simulate on the client
  • Give clients enough information to prevent constant server request spam (such as cooldowns)
  • Net Relevancy Based: lower irrelevant network traffic when clients are too far away
  • Carefully monitor the amount of replicated variables
  • Variable Replication Conditions (initial, owner only)
  • RPC Events
  • Never trust the client (server validates all combat, quest, crafting, ect. events)

Blueprint Communication

  • As a memory optimization effort, nearly all Blueprint communication is done through Blueprint Interfaces.


  • Fast Path as much as possible
  • Update Rate Optimization
  • Bone LOD
  • Master Pose Component for the Kitbash Cosmetic system
  • Starter Animation Kit created by Thomas Castle

Number of Blueprints: 365

This product supports Nanite for Unreal Engine 5.0+ and supported platforms should only include Windows, Playstation, and Xbox, as those are the only platforms that officially support Nanite at this time. However, Nanite can be disabled and not affect Vertical Third features.

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