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Apparance is a procedural generation plug-in designed to allow the interactive visual authoring of detailed and expansive 3D worlds. A play-space for procedural logic and their use in the generation of environments and objects. A fusion of programming and modelling that gives extensive control over your applications procedural elements.

Watch the Promotional Video for a full rundown of the capabilities of Apparance.

The Apparance project is inspired by the flexibility of non-linear and node-based editing systems used in film, television, and games. The amazing compression achieved by the demo-scene using mathematics and procedural generation points towards the vast possibilities of large scale procedurally built game worlds.

Visit to find out more and see showcase projects using Apparance.

A non-commercial demo/trial version is also available, see the Apparance Products Page for details.

Build Smart Objects

  • Build smart procedural objects out of your assets.
  • Drive placement of meshes, blueprints, components and their properties.
  • Parameterise in any way you need to drive generation logic.
  • Experiment with procedural generation of meshes* too.

Add Variety, Save Time

  • Increase variety in your game with unique generated assets
  • Save time and resources populating the spaces in your world
  • Build re-usable and modular objects

Fully Interactive Editing

  • Enjoy fully interactive editing of parameters, graph structure, and all internal values.
  • Scrub through the parameter space to find the results you are after.
  • Rapidly test thousands of combinations as you work.

Rapid Iteration

  • Rapidly iterate on your designs, play with graph configuration, explore your parameter space.
  • Drag-and-drop connections and procedures to experiment.

High Speed Run-time Generation

  • Fully run-time multi-threaded background generation
  • Mesh* accumulation and instanced rendering support
  • Allows for endless unique creations and experiences

Node Based Editor

  • Use node based scripting to author* your procedural logic.
  • Create powerful hierarchies of procedures yet manage graph complexity by building up a library of re-usable parts.
  • It’s procedures all the way down until you reach a fundamental operator that does the work.

Comprehensive Documentation

  • Detailed documentation available online for plugin and editor
  • Directory of fundamental procedural operators
  • Support forums for questions, reporting, and discussion


  • Mesh generation is currently an experimental feature, to be expanded in future release.
  • Procedures are authored live within a separate standalone editor application that the plugin downloads automatically on first use.
  • This is the professional commercial version of Apparance for use in paid-for products and fully funded projects. To try out the plugin or use in other scenarios (e.g. education, game-jams, evaluation, or non-profit projects) you can purchase the non-commercial demo version for a reduced fee, see the Apparance Products Page for details.

Technical Details

Code Modules: Runtime, Scripting, and Editor modules.

Blueprint support: 30+ blueprint functions and nodes to provide detailed control of procedural objects.

C++ Classes: Apparance Entity Actor for placement and management of placed/generated 3D content.

Unreal Versions: 5.1, 5.2, 5.3 (legacy support back to 4.25)

Development Platforms: Windows 64

Target Build Platforms: Windows 64 (more available on request, at an additional fee per-project per-platform)

Website:, and Support Forums

Documentation: PluginEditorCore Concepts

Example Project: Apparance Unreal Examples

Video Examples: Medieval Building Timelapse & Dungeon generation and run-through

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You can contact us at any time and request that the asset you want be added to the site from the Request Asset section.

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