GBWPowerfulHit – Most expressive combat system in the Market. Multiplayer Ready.

This product comes from a 3A action game under development and will continue to improve and evolve as the project progresses.

The goal of this product is to become the most productive, expressive and easy-to-use combat system in the UE market.

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Note that it will continue to increase in price in future updates. Because the system will include a large number of planned essential elements of action games in future updates.

I know many independent game developers are great programmers, but many independent game developers are not skilled creators of art. As a result, the works created by them have no problem in logic, but are always unsatisfactory in expressive. And good art creators are often not skilled programmers, which makes it difficult for them to achieve the effect of their own ideas.

Different from other combat systems in the market, this pulgin not only pays attention to the model of the combat system, but also pays more attention to the combat expressive.

Note: The plugin does not include any models/animations by itself. You can download the sample project to experience its effect.

Technical Details


  • A complete combat system.
  • High-performance network replication, can be used for multiplayer games.
  • The impact effect of Out Of The Box.
  • Built-in Movement system, unified 3C and combat.
  • Attribute system that supports mathematical expressions.
  • Weapon equipment system.
  • Asymmetric camp system.
  • State System.
  • And More Coming Soon…

Code Modules:

  •  GBWPowerfulHit
  • GBWPowerfulEffect
  • GBWPowerfulEffectEditor
  •  GBWFlowMove
  • GBWAnim
  • GBWAnimEditor
  • GBWFootIK
  • GBWFootIKEditor
  • GBWPowerfulPerception
  • GBWPowerfulState
  • GBWPowerfulTools
  • GBWPowerfulToolsEditor

Number of Blueprints: 0

Number of C++ Classes: 60

Network Replicated: Yes

VIP Downloads Today: 0 of 0



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