Kai Locomotion System

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  • New Version V3 Release includes :
  1. Custom Character Movement Component that offers predictively replicated Custom Movement speed and has custom rotation implementation that uses rotation from certain KLS animations. this CMC will be used later to build new movement modes (physics based sliding and Zelda climbing are in the work).
  2. Utilizing Linked Animation Layers To switch between locomotion and masking.

A Plug And Play Animation Blueprint That Supports 3 Gaits and different types of transitions.

Version 3 utilized linked animation layers for switching locomotion and masking (Layering) sets.

  1. Fill Data Asset with the animations, and get high quality locomotion without effecting the movement of the player in few minutes.
  2. Apply Masks to locomotion sets very easily by defining Mask poses and Body Part Mask weights in Data Asset to allow for very fast iteration to get the right blends for your poses.
  3. Switch Between Locomotion and Masking sets using linked animation layers like Lyra.
  • New Version V3.5 Release includes :
  1. Usage of Template Animation blueprint. you no longer need to make copies of animation blueprints, you can create a child from any skeleton you want. This greatly simplifies the animation system.

*4 Directional Loops, 4 Directional Starts , 4 Directional Stops are the required minimum transitions.

*Requires Control Rig Plugin To Be Activated

Technical Details


  •  Plug and Play Animation Blueprint
  • Written in c++
  •  Foot Lock Transition Control Rig
  • Animation Modifiers to automatically place foot sync markers
  • Skeleton Agnostic Layered Blend Bone Animation Node that uses new Blend Profiles.
  • New Per Body Part Mask animation node encapsulates masking in 1 animation node . Can Add multiple body part and use animation curves or variable inputs to drive the weights. Uses Blend Profiles to define body parts.
  • Template Animation Blueprint , Skeleton Agnostic and can create a child from any skeleton .

Code Modules:

  •  Kai_Locomotion [Runtime]
  • KaiLocomotionEditior [Editor]

Number of Blueprints: 13

Number of C++ Classes: 11

Network Replicated: (Yes)

Supported Development Platforms: (Windows)

Supported Target Build Platforms: (Windows)

Dumentation: Documentation

Join Discord Server for More Info SIR.D.Kai Studio Server

Important/Additional Notes: The System is still evolving with the plan being to add other locomotion methods (flying . swimming, climbing) And an automatic predictive feet IK .

Final Goal is to have a plug and play animation blueprint that provides movement in a quality that matches the amazing visual and sounds that can be created in ue5. Will use any tools available to accomplish it be it the in engine implementation of Motion Matching [ue5] or sticking to traditional state machines like it is currently whatever is best.

*Requires Control Rig Plugin To Be Activated

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