TNT Flexible Locomotion

What is TNT Flexible Locomotion System?

TNT Flexible Locomotion System is a plug-in of Unreal Engine. It contains almost all locomotion content in 3A action games. All functions are designed for multiplayer games and are easy to integrate into other projects.

This product comes from a 3A action game under development and will continue to improve and evolve as the project progresses.

With TNT Flexible Locomotion System, you can save several years and a lot of money to develop the same functions and all features.

Parkour Play Demo:

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New Traile Video:

Parkour 跑酷

Trailer Video:


bilibili_跑酷 Youtube_Parkour

bilibili_攀爬 Youtube_Climb

bilibili_动态滑索 Youtube_Dynamic Ziplines

bilibili_钩爪 Youtube_GrappleHook

Procedural Climbing

Document :



Basic Locomotion Tutorial Video :

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Tutorial Video :

Climbing 攀爬

GrappleHook 钩爪

Support : Discord Channel QQ群:703331061

Discord : xianyu#9074

Basic Locomotion:

This plug-in changes the workflow, allowing users to only care about animation, set data assets and own them. And it’s not restricted by any skeleton, so you can use UE4, UE5 or meta human or different skeletons.

There is no intrusion into the project, so any project can use this plug-in.

It only takes 2 minutes to add Overlay and set the data. Do not modify any blueprints or codes.

With a smooth basic movement that is not limited by the skeleton,

you can use various bizarre models such as humanoids, dragons, spiders, etc.

In just a few minutes, you can specify the corresponding data assets to obtain all of this.

Modular data-driven:

All configuration options are modular, and if you don’t want to start a function, you can skip adding this module.

So you can see at a glance which module you are using. Subsequent updates will be released as module data-driven.

Use AimPose to save animation resources:

Use Aimpose to mix the corresponding actions,

specify the corresponding animation and set the bones you want to mix.

You can adjust different motion animations through keyframes or blended animations,

allowing a small amount of animation resources to achieve different effects, all of which can be customized.

After testing, most of the locomotion animations in the market can be used smoothly.

Most of the locomotion animations in the market can be used smoothly.

Fewer settings:

Little to no modification or addition of curves to animation sequences


Parkour anywhere!

Multiplayer Ready!

Jump, climb, Vault, Tictac jump, slide, hanging jump, etc. You can assemble any action you want.

You only need to call a function,can play parkour anywhere.

Or you can customize parkour configuration, It was all very easy.

Advanced Climbing Components:

You can climbing to any place you want and adapt to different terrain.

Do you want the protagonist to have the skills of Laura Crawford and Nathan Drake, to be parkour like the assassin’s creed, or to climb the open world like Link?

Climbing component to let your protagonist have such skills

Advanced Grapple Hook Component:

Advanced Locomotion systems,Grapple Hook system plugins

One click adding scheme,Highly customized configuration

Have a Sekiro or God of War Hook Grapple hook Skill

Advanced Dynamic Ziplines Component:

One-click add scheme, highly customized configuration.Have the dynamic Ziplines in Tomb Raider.

You can throw anything and then slide.

Gliding component:

Gliding System.

Wall Run Component:

Wall Run System.

Note that the price of this plug-in will continue to rise in the future. More easily integrated locomorion functions will be added in the future.

This plug-in will become a complete multiplayer game locomotion system.

Use data asset allocation to make it easier for game art creators to create gameplay.

Note: The plugin does not include any models/animations by itself.

Important Tips:

The core logic of this product is not implemented in C++. Because, unless unavoidable, this product prefer to use blueprints, which is more friendly for users who are not good at C++, especially for art creators who are not good at coding.

For this project, all C++content is for more convenient construction logic in the blueprint. Unless necessary, this project should not write the core logic in C++.

Technical Details


  • Easy Integration 轻松集成
  • Modular Data Driven 模块化数据驱动
  • No Skeleton restrictions, all mesh can be used 无骨架限制,所有模型都可使用
  • Animation layers and Animation states to create endless possibilities 动画层和动画状态创建无限可能性
  • Almost all animations on the market are supported 商城里绝大部分动画都可直接使用
  • Orientation Warping 方向扭曲
  • Stride Warping 步幅适配
  • Free Climbing 自由攀爬
  • Ledge Climbing 岩架攀爬
  • Dynamic wall detection 动态墙体检测
  • Adapt to different terrain 适应不同地形
  • Grapple Hook 钩爪
  • Dynamic Ziplines 动态滑索
  • Gliding 滑翔
  • Parkour 跑酷
  • Wall Run 跑墙,轻功
  • Multiplayer Ready 多人游戏就绪
  • More Features Coming Soon… 更多功能更新中…

Code Modules:

  • TNT_Locomotion[Runtime]

Number of Blueprints:68

Number of C++ Classes:46

Network Replicated: Yes

Supported Development Platforms: PC, other platforms have not been tested

VIP Downloads Today: 0 of 0



You can contact us at any time and request that the asset you want be added to the site from the Request Asset section.

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