DevTon Abandoned Prison


The main meshes of the Abandoned Prison content are modular. This package features a vertex painting tessellated material for the walls and floors. All other materials include a blended function for dust. Decals have been included to allow the user to create a further convincing environment. Scratched surfaces, Water Grime, and Oil are a few examples of some of the useful decals included. Also included is a dust particle effect to add immersion to an abandoned environment. All models have been accurately unwrapped and have 2 prepared LOD levels. In our materials we used high quality textures consisting of albedo, roughness, normal, metal, and height maps.

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Technical Details

Texture Sizes:

  •  512×512 = 9
  •  1024×1024 = 19
  •  2048×2048 = 10
  • 4096×4096 = 67

Collision: Yes, custom and per-poly

Vertex Count: (20 – 22520)

LODs: 2

Number of Meshes: 74

Number of Materials and Material Instances: 82

Number of Textures: 106

Supported Development Platforms: Windows, Oculus Rift

Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows, Oculus Rift

Documentation: No

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