Matte Painting Skybox Pack: Chaotic Skies III


Age of Flowmap is here! Now you can have the most epic skies with animation while keeping a great performance. Same use as in AAA games and Hollywood productions!

Based on high demand; here’s the third version of the acclaimed Chaotic Skies Series. As with previous packs; this version of the sky pack features incredibly high detailed, apocalyptic storm clouds. Again, very detailed and epic like the previous packs. Thanks to my new Houdini learnings and a 20 years of matte painting experience in the movie industry; I present you the ultimate solution to have epic sky spheres in your projects while keeping great performance.

The pack has 6 movie quality high resolution (4k) 360 degree matte paintings that can be used to enhance your environments and give a cinematic look. Sources folder also has the original heightmap RAW and heatmap files.

All skies are fully animated. It’s a completely performance friendly blueprint system.

The skies have basic material instances to easily change color, contrast, exposure, speed and other animation features. I also included an 8k landscape with animated cloud shadows as a gift. For low end & high end computers, I provided both terrain/without terrain versions.

The skies are projected on to a sphere with UVs designed to serve as half domes. So the pack is not based on old 6 image based box system. It’s a sky dome.

I am a former digital matte artist so I hope you like my paintings. Please note that I made these paintings specifically for this pack. It doesn’t include the skybox images that can be found in my Elite Landscapes series or previous Skybox Packs.

Technical Details


  • 6 sky images
  • 4K
  • Blueprint based Flowmap Animation System
  • An 8K landscape

Texture Sizes: All skies are 4k.

Collision: None needed.

LODs: None needed.

Number of Meshes: 1 Static Mesh for Sky sphere.

Number of Materials and Material Instances: 4 Base Materials, 15 Material Instances

Number of Textures: 23

Supported Development Platforms: Desktop and Console.

Supported Target Build Platforms: Desktop and Console.

Important/Additional Notes: If you want to reach me: ([email protected])

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