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Mocap Studio Series – The Idles Pack delivers realistic motion captured performances to bring your characters and world to life in your project. This pack covers all the unique human idle motions, from leaning against a wall, to breathing heavily and even smoking a cigarette. All MoCap Central Studio Series packs work together with matching idle poses allowing you to have seamless transitions. Join our active Discord community where we listen to the needs of indie devs and give away free animations weekly.

Key Features:

  • 150+ animations
  • Includes 2 demo maps to view all animations independently or in flowing sequences
  • Clean start/end poses to ensure a smooth transition between animations
  • Male performances, neutral enough to work for a female
  • Clean file naming with performance variations
  • Performances captured on a high quality optical motion capture system used for AAA games
  • MoCap Central Studio Series packs can be used together as they share the same transition poses
  • MoCap Central actively updates packs, please add requests in the Questions section

Animations Included:

  • Breathing – heavy, lean over breathing hard, raise arms to head to open lungs
  • Tired – yawn, stagger side ways, fall forward
  • Shift Weight – both left and right casual weight shift with look arounds
  • Feeling Cold & Hot – shivering in the cold or wiping brow in the heat
  • Listen to Music – bopping to beats
  • Smoking – lighting a cigarette, inhaling, flicking ash, putting out with foot
  • Need the Toilet – stomach cramps, leaning over, desperate
  • Lean Against Wall – 3 version, regular back, with raised foot and side with hand on wall
  • Brush Off – use hands to brush off dirt from legs, arms and chest
  • Waiting – checking watch, looking around
  • Greet – wave to someone close or far away, nod, point, wave them to come over here
  • Fidgets – subtle scratch face and rub neck and a couple of fun performances
  • Stretching – side bend, back bend, hamstring, shoulder, warm up
  • Arms Crossed – subtle arms crossed
  • See full animation list here

Technical Details


  • Animated specifically for UE5’s latest SK_Mannequin
  • Animations can be retargeted to MetaHuman characters, see tutorial here
  • Contains the UE5 Mannequin and Animation assets only, no Blueprints
  • Mannequin IK joints are animated

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