Next Gen Modular Victorian City Lite [Exterior & Interior]

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This is the lite version of our Next-Gen Modular Neoclassical Victorian City large-scale project! its content a huge library of Neoclassical Victorian-like Modular meshes with interiors! This pack features more than 820 meshes and 375 premade Buildings fully editable! Yes the pack is fully compatible with Quixel Megascans Material library for advanced and customer enabled customization, import your materials and apply to any meshes and voilà, it just works, simple like that!

Technical Details


  • Huge Library of Modular Assets
  • More than 375 premade Buildings as bonus to get
  • Huge Example City as bonus to get
  • Fully Compatible with Quixel Megascans Materials
  • Exterior and Interiors fully supported
  • Easy snapping
  • Real World metric
  • Everything editable and can be customized to your needs!
  • Automatic Landscape Material

Number of Unique Meshes: 820

Collision: Yes

Vertex Count: 4 to 14k

LODs: Yes

Number of Materials and Material Instances: 25 & 263

Number of Textures: 608

Texture Resolutions: 32×32 to 4K

Supported Development Platforms: All supported Unreal Development Platforms

Windows: Yes

Mac: Yes

Important Note 1: The Read_Me maps included explain how to get all associated content related to the pack!

Important Note 2: The vehicles and Sky are from Vehicle Variety Pack and Ultra Dynamic Sky and both are not included in the pack

Important Note 3: Enable “Editor Scripting Plugin”

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You can contact us at any time and request that the asset you want be added to the site from the Request Asset section.

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