Ocean Floor Pack / High Quality Environment

This is a Environment package made in a PBR pipeline, well suited for both AAA quality projects and projects with a focus on optimization and performance.

All of the included props also use a custom material that allows for them to be adjusted. This allows for variations and combinations.

To get assets made in a similar style, feel free to visit the

Pack Dev Market Page

Technical Details

Note: If you have previously purchased the underwater world pack, there will be some overlap

Features included:

-Meshes (Props & Environment)

  • 23 meshes

-Textures ( 1k-4k )

  • Number of Textures: 70
  • All textures are custom-made

-Number of Materials: 34

  • 9 base materials
  • 25 base material instances

-Demo Scene with setup lighting and example layout for the environment

-Demo Layout scene

-Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zmN0ZqWwTRU&ab_channel=PackDev

-Direct support from the dev

-Collision: Yes

-LODs: No (can be auto generated)

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding the asset, need help with the package or just want to know more.


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