Realistic Landscapes 8

A bundle of four realistic landscapes.





Note: A) Screenshots, videos and gifs might not reflect the latest changes. Need to talk? join our Discord or write an Email. Comments take longer to be answered. B) Advertised features may vary from one landscape to another. Salt Landscape requires “Extend default luminance range in Auto Exposure settings” to be enabled in your project settings. Eastern Iceland requires the “Water” plugin to be enabled. Restart the editor once the plugin is enabled.

Note: We have removed the 2D mist/cloud planes you see in the Eastern Iceland screenshots/videos/gifs. Instead, we have added actual 3D clouds with customized volumetric material. A) You can now walk through them. B) They will no longer disappear when you approach them. C) They no longer need to rotate towards the camera. D) Enable “Volumetrics” Plugin and restart the editor.


• Eastern Iceland Landscape

• Black Dust Landscape

• Salt Landscape

• Wet Landscape


• 64 Square Kilometers

• Surface Customization

• 1×1 Meters Vertex Density

• Powerful Material Instance Parameters

• Distance Based Landscape Tessellation

• Heightmap Based Layer Blending

• Custom plug and play functions

– Displacement

– Distance Fade

• Dynamic Cloud Shadows

– Distance Roughness

– Contact Shadows

– Random Darken

– Heightmap AO

– Cloud Panner

– World Normal

– Tessellation

– Material AO

– SpecRough

– Water UV

– World UV

– Mesh UV

– Colorizer

– NormalB

– Modifier

– Particle

– Breeze

– Cloud

– Detail

– Mixer

– Color

• Landscape Paint Layers

• Background Mesh

Technical Details

PBR: Yes

Textures: Up to 8K

Supported Platform: Windows 64-bit

Target Platform: Windows 64-bit

Documentation: No

[83] Material Function

[21] Material Instance

[4] Landscape

[102] Texture

[19] Material

[14] Mesh

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Additional Notes

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