Sun Flares

Sun Flares is a procedural, 100% gpu-based post-processing material that renders realistic lens flares on the camera.

  • Sun disk size and intensity
  • Corona rays number, length, spread, angle
  • Light diffraction with animation
  • Ghosts with configurable size, intensity and offset
  • 4 different ghost shapes: circular, pentagon, hexagon and octogon.
  • Halo with chromatic aberration
  • Fast setup and easy to customize

Package includes:

  • 4 master post-processing materials with +30 configurable parameters
  • 8 preconfigured flare materials for instant usage
  • A basic demo scene with a sample Sun Flare effect applied to the Sun

Technical Details

  • 100% GPU-based, all features render in a single pass
  • Depth-based automatic effect occlusion
  • Post-processing material, volume based
  • Doesn’t use C++ scripting nor blueprints

How to use this asset:

Video Tutorial:

Step 1) You will find several flare material examples or the master Post Processing Material called SunFlares within the Kronnect/SunFlares/Resources/PostProcessingMaterial.

Step 2) Create an instanced copy of this material so you can configure multiple variants without modifying the default values.

Step 3) Assign the copied material to the Post Processing Materials list of your Post Process Volume.



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