Highly Customizable Scanning System

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This plug-in can be installed either at the start of the new project or to an already existing project. You can also use my example project, which consists of the GYM (link to the video), Third Person Character and Game Mode.

Scanning System
I made this highly customizable scanning system so you can recreate almost any game’s scanning mode. This system is designed to provide an immersive gaming experience by allowing you to scan the game environment in real-time. With its flexibility and adaptability, you can tailor the scanning mode to your preferences and play style. You can create an infinite number of unique scanning modes by customizing the variables and/or the looks of the highlights.

The project consists of a blueprint component that includes:

  • 4 highly customizable options for object highlighting
  • 4 highly customizable scanning effects.
  • One of the highlighting effects is made using a translucent material overlay (no custom depth or post processing volume is needed).
  • A unique feature is available: the focus scan effect, which improves readability by highlighting only the outline of the objects, which is particularly important for your game’s accessibility.

Functionality is accessible in detail at the Gym level.

100% built with blueprints, very easy to expand upon.

Technical Details

Technical Details


  • Scanning System Blueprint component
  • Highly customizable materials and material functions that can lead to an infinite number of unique scanning modes
  • Customizable optimization settings
  • Outline Effects
  • Depth Effects
  • Translucent Material Overlay Effect that doesn’t require Post Processing
  • Custom Focus Effect with an emissive transparent dome
  • Reveal Objects/actors, detect their location, and count meters between Player location and Target Location
  • Slider that allows you to change the outline colour in real-time gameplay
  • Textures that can be used for scanning or highlight effect customization
  • Crosshair – HUD element
  • Can exclude objects affected by scan
  • Can set camera position as scan origin
  • Can set the widget to be movable
  • more other.

Number of Unique Effects: 8 in the GYM, infinite after customization

Number of Unique Materials: 10

Number of Unique Material Instances: 8

Number of Unique Material Functions: 12

Number of Unique Material Parameter Collections: 2

Number of Unique Widgets: 1

Number of Unique HUD elements: 1

Number of Unique Textures: 10

Number of Blueprints: 1 Blueprint Component

Number of Unique Meshes: 2

Supported Development Platforms:

Windows: Yes

Documentation: Link

Important/Additional Notes: Enable custom depth-Stencil Pass to “enable with Stencil”.

The environment in the images is not included.

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