MARS Master Material

Version: Update20240619

• Supports Nanite Displacement since UE 5.3.

• MDM supports Nanite Displacement since UE 5.3.

• SAI API updated: supports Conservative Upscale | Erase.

• SAI API updated: supports SD3 Medium | SD3 Large | SD3 Large Turbo.

• Texture Projector: supports bake current images for all cameras.

and more…


I am continuously updating.

Check details in the Document Link Video Link-youtube Video Link-bilibili

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Master Common Material

Master Layered Material

Master Double-Sided Material

Master Material Attributes Layers

Master Material Attributes Layers Global

Master LM Landscape Material

Master MAL Landscape Material

Master Decal Material

Master RVT Decal Material

Master RTBrush Material

Master Dynamic Material

Master Projection Material

Editor Utility Widget:

Material Selector | RGBA Mixer | Property Baker | Texture Projector | Mask Baker RVT

Random Pattern Baker | Decal Rotation Corrector | RVT Creator | SDF Generator

Texture Blender | Texture Sample Dilator | SD API UI | SAI API UI | Simple Paint

MARS Material Functions:

UV Transform | Box/Tri-Proj UV | UV Random | UV Effects

Dynamic Mud | Dynamic Snow | Dynamic Puddle | Dynamic Wave | Dynamic Vegetation

Ground Mix | Leaves | Wetness | Wind | Z Growth

Imperfection | Macro-Micro | Position Variation | Perforation | Pearlescence | Fake Interior/ Refl/Refr/Translucent

Color Blend Modes | Top Mask | Slope Mask | Direction Mask | Distance Mask | Elevation Mask

Texture Curvature Mask | Mesh Curvature Mask | Procedure Noise Mask | RVT Mask

Intersection Mask | Dimension Mask | Depth Shadow Mask | Custom Depth Fade Mask

and more…

Technical Details

Level: 228

Material: 3354

Material Instance: 1475

Material Function: 1552

Material Layer: 89

Material Layer Blend: 17

Material Parameter Collection: 5

Texture: 877 [ 1k to 4k ]

Blueprint: 55

Editor Utility Widget: 20

Python: 2

Mesh: 56

Platforms: PC, Win64bit

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