Melee Weapons

✔️ 62 Unique Weapons

✔️ LODs & Collision

✔️ Skeletal & Static Meshes

Our Modern Melee Weapons Pack is your gateway to an arsenal of close-quarters combat variety like never before. Whether you’re crafting a gritty shooter, a tense survival thriller, a relentless zombie apocalypse, or an action-packed adventure, these assets are your secret weapon.

🎬 Video Showcase

🪓 Weapons Galore

Dive into a diverse selection of modern melee apocalypse survival weapons, from everyday items turned lethal, to improvised tools of mayhem. Your characters can wield everything from a rock, hammer, axe, and baseball bat to a knife, machete, throwing star, crowbar, and more.

🪓 Endless Possibilities

These weapons aren’t just limited to one genre. They seamlessly fit into any modern setting, making them perfect for shooters, survival games, zombie outbreaks, or intense action scenarios.

🪓 Easy Integration

Designed for Unreal Engine, these assets are ready to drop into your Unreal Engine project, saving you valuable development time.

🪓 A World of Scenarios

Imagine the tension of an abandoned warehouse, the chaos of a zombie-infested city, or the adrenaline of a high-stakes showdown. These weapons become an extension of your narrative, giving players the means to survive and thrive in a hostile world.

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Technical Details


LODs: Yes

Collision: Yes

Scaled to Epic skeleton: Yes

Total number of Meshes: 124. – This includes skeletal and static mesh versions of each.

Materials & Textures

Number of Textures: 186

Texture Sizes: 2048×2048 – 512×512

Number of Materials and Material Instances: 78



Audio: No

Animations: 15

Important/Additional Notes

The weapons are oriented with the impact side towards the Y-axis and pointing upwards towards the Z-axis. View image in gallery for more details about the orientation. Some weapons are angled to have their grips fit better if added to a hand with the same orientation.

Comes with two Blueprints to place the models in the world and change their materials. The blueprints contain no additional functions. Some of the skeletal mesh versions of the weapons have a few basic animations where it makes sense. Does not include arm or character animations.

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