Basic Locomotion System (REPLICATED)

Video Preview (2.0):

Video Preview (2.0) [Custom Project]:

Video Preview (1.0) [OLD]:

Video Preview (1.0) [OLD] (City Crowd Sample):

Metahuman Integration:

Metahuman Replacement:

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This locomotion system was made from scratch using lyra animations for the UE5 Skeleton.

It’s meant to be used as a Third Person Template since it has very simple implementations and provides a very good base for game development.

Hope you like it! 🙏

Technical Details


  • Metahuman Support
  • 8-Way Directional Movement
  • Mixed Orientation
  • Smooth Rotation
  • Turn-In-Place
  • Overlay States (Pistol, Rifle)
  • Aim Offset (Pistol, Rifle)
  • Multiple Stances (Crouch, Walk, Run)
  • Male/Female Support
  • Inventory System
  • Weapon System


  • 41 Animations
  • 1 Actor Component (AC_Inventory)
  • 2 Meshes (Pistol, Rifle)
  • 2 Actor Blueprints (BP_Pickup, BP_Gun)
  • 2 Child Blueprints (BP_Pistol, BP_Rifle)
  • 1 Character Blueprint (BP_Player_Character)
  • 2 Animation Blueprints (ABP_Male, ABP_Female)
  • 3 Particle Effects (Pistol Flash, Rifle Flash, Bullet Impact)
  • 8 Sound Effects (Weapons, Footsteps and Background Audio)

Network Replicated: [Yes]

Supported Development Platforms:

  • Windows: (Yes)
  • Mac: (Yes)


UE 5.0 has a bug using blendmasks which makes the overlay states not working when the project opens for the first time.

To solve this issue:

  1. Open the Animation Blueprint, Compile, Save.
  2. Open Character Blueprint, Compile, Save.

Everything should be working now. This is not my fault sorry, the problem was already reported to Epic.

Epic Report:

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