Dynamic Health Bars

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This asset is designed to inject healthbar functionality into your project within minutes. Extremely easy to set up and use, with a plethora of options to customise the way it looks and behaves in your own game. You can tweak colours, size, actor name and level, status effect icons, number of segments and visibility options (such as hidden on full health, or hidden after X seconds of not losing health). You can also add additional bars to represent extra stats such as mana, energy and stamina.

  • Easy to set up. Add healthbar functionality to your project in minutes.
  • Easy to use. Simple “AddValue”, “SubtractValue”, “SetValue” type blueprint functions.
  • Many options to tailor the look and feel such as colours, number of segments, elite frames, size and names.
  • Supports animated materials, as shown in examples.
  • Option to add up to 3 additional bars beneath the main one, for attributes such as mana, stamina…etc.
  • Visual effects such as hit indicator, health lost “catchup” animation, and on destroy animations.
  • Dynamic scaling when health bar is displayed at various distances from the player.
  • Visibility options such as hidden on full health, or hidden after X seconds of not losing health.
  • Built in status effect handling. Easily add an icon such as “burn” or “poison” beneath the bar for X seconds.
  • Demo level included, with shootable mannequin characters that are set up with different health bar variations.
  • Multiplayer enabled. Demo level and blueprint examples demonstrate replication setup.

** Although the demo level uses a first person view, the Dynamic Health Bars system works well with any camera view and game type, including third person and top down. **

Technical Details

– Line Renderer post process as seen in demo level included in package.

– 4 elemental damage icons for status effects included (fire, ice, lightning, poison).

Network Replicated: The included enemy actor is replicated and when shot, will update its health bar on the server and all clients. You can use this actor as a guide to set up multiplayer functionality in your own projects.

Supported Development Platforms: Windows

Documentation: Blueprints fully commented. Please see video guides linked above.

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