ANIMation MOD Tool

Anim Mod Toolis a Fast and easy approach to Reverse your animation, Mirror animation, Blend animation, Loop animation, adjust your animation and/or create completely new animation asset from existing ones.

VIDEO TUTORIAL ( latest update )


  • Reverse Animation ( + offset root to world 0 )
  • Mirror Animation
  • Loop Animation
  • Blend Animations
  • Repeat frames
  • Remove frames
  • Live updating viewport


  • Bone chain selector for Blend
  • Live viewport ( Now you can see live update on the changes you make before applying)


video tutorial and price adjustments for the new features are coming soon 😉


  • Clear Root bone zero frame offset in Reverse animation – let’s you offset the root to 0 at the start of the animation
  • Repeat frames – this modifier lets you repeat any frame to add pause or exaggerate certain parts of the animation .
  • Make Looped – let’s you blend the beginning and the end of the animation to make them loop (includes an option to add extra frames to the end of the animation if needed and pick the parent bone from which changes should be applied)
  • Remove frames – let’s you remove unnecessary frames of the animation
  • Blend with other – let’s you build completely new animation asset by blending with another animation. Options include:

There is a huge update coming. I will be posting a complete tutorial after the release.

But here is the quick guide on how to apply blend:

“Start frame” picking the start frame from which the blending starts in the source of the animation. (example: if you want blending to start at the beginning, then select 0 )

“Target asset” picking target animation

“Target start frame & target frames num” picking target’s animation’s duration in the blend (how many frames of the animation should be blended with the source animation) (example: slide to max. for full duration)

“Start blend frames num” is picking amount of frames to blend in between two animations, for smooth transition between poses at the beginning of the blend + pick blend curve (in case you want blend to start at the certain frame)

“End blend frames num” picking amount of frames to blend out at the end + blend curve (in case source animation is longer)

“Bone Filter” let’s you pick the parent bone from which the blending should start (for example to blend top and bottom motion of the two animations, for example UE character, you should pick spine01 or higher. Then you will have bottom motion of your source animation blended with the top motion of your target animation)

‘insert as new frames” means that you can insert target animation between frames of the source animation without change.

for now plugins works best for blending animations with the same frame rate




This plugin can create reversed and/or mirrored Animation Sequence asset in one click. (note: please duplicate animation before applying to keep the original animation)


  • Reverse – this modifier reverses animation frames in time.

Use cases: creating new asset from existing one, loop animations, paired action animations – like opening/closing, grabbing/releasing, etc…

Note: (RM Fix Tool might be useful to offset root bone back to world 0 at the first frame, or changing the direction of the animation after applying modifiers) Highly recommended to purchase the Anim Toolset Bundle.

  • Mirror – this modifier creates mirror animation on X axis. This can be useful when you need mirrored poses and animation in fighting games…

ATTENTION: RM Fix Tool might be useful to fix root motion of the animations.

Practical usage:

  • Anim Mod Tool lets you reverse/mirror multiple assets at the same time
  • Right Mouse Button will open context menu
  • Click on Modify Animation Sequences
  • Tool popup will appear
  • Configure modify options
  • Click on Apply button (duplicate your animations before using the plugin. There is no going back after applying the changes)
  • Close popup to check updated Animation Sequences

Technical Details


  • Create reversed Animation Sequences from original ones
  • Create mirrored Animation Sequecnes from original ones

Added in Update 1.1:

  • Clear Root bone zero frame offset in Reverse animation ( let’s you offset the root to 0 at the start of the animation)
  • Repeat frames
  • Make Looped
  • Remove frames
  • Blend with other

Added in Update 1.2

  • Live viewport
  • Bone chain selector for Blend

Code Modules:

  •  AnimModToolEditor [Editor]

Number of Blueprints: 0

Number of C++ Classes: 7

Network Replicated: (Yes/No)

Supported Development Platforms: Win64

Supported Target Build Platforms: Win64


Important/Additional Notes:

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You can contact us at any time and request that the asset you want be added to the site from the Request Asset section.

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