Modern Loft Full Pack

Hazelwood Loft is a cross-platform project showcasing the interior and exterior of a two-story modern loft. It comes in 2 versions, one for day time & one for night time. It also includes a third dark & cinematic version of the night scene. Each version offers a different & unique experience of the contemporary space with its own high quality & realistic lighting.

The project is highly optimized and can be used with VR headsets as well as mobile devices & comes with a complementary city pack that can be contemplated from the exterior terrace, including a wide variety of modern buildings & skyscrapers, perfect for populating your project’s mid-grounds & backgrounds.

It also comes with more than 600 carefully color graded cinematic cameras that makes it ready for film shooting, making it perfect for architecture visualization, commercials, marketing, games, VR, product presentation, film & interactive experiences. This virtual film-set is the perfect platform into which you can bring all your creative ideas into, by telling your own story & building your own unique experience.

Main Features:

– photo-real & modern two-story penthouse

– two different settings, day time & night time

– ready for VR headsets & mobile devices

– includes modern furniture & the surrounding city

– includes a highly optimized city pack

– highly optimized low-poly & realistic assets

– built as a film set with different room moods & vibes

– more than 400 different assets included

– art direction inspired by modern architecture & design

– minimal CPU & memory footprints

Technical Details

Project Content:

– loft built like a film set with different rooms offering a variety of distinct moods & vibes

– highly optimized assets running smoothly at 30FPS even on low-end mobile devices

– includes a city pack

– more than 700 carefully framed & color graded cinematic cameras by an industry film director

– includes: lounge, kitchen, terrace, laundry, hallway closet, 2 bathrooms, 2 bedrooms & surrounding city

– 4K photoreal environment skyboxes: clear day, cloudy day, sunset, midnight & dawn

– both day & night skyboxes match perfectly, window for window carefully painted by a VFX matte painter

– includes the original 8K PSD versions of both the day & night version with all their layers for full control

– high-poly & low-poly versions for key assets

– an animated jet plane flying in the skyline in both versions

– 2 seamless 3D ambient sounds one for a day & one for a night atmosphere

General Project Specs:

Collision: custom & automatically generated / Number of Unique Meshes: 400 / Texture Resolutions: 128*128 – 8192*8192 / Number of Sounds: 2 / LODs: No / Supported Target Build Platforms: VR, Mobile, PC, Mac

Documentation: found in (Content\Hazelwoodloft\Documentation)

Important Notes: plz make sure to read the illustrated guidelines document before you start working with the project.

Night Specs: Tri Count: 141 868 (low-poly version) 330 186 (high-poly version)

Number of Materials & Instances: 130 – Number of Textures: 45

Day Specs: Tri Count: 149 646 (low-poly meshes ) 379 851 (high-poly version)

Number of Materials and Material Instances: 195 – Number of Textures: 55

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