AI Shooter

AI Shooter was created to be a starter pack with an AI for shooting game, including basic behaviors like shooting, seeking cover, patrolling, flanking, sight perception, hearing, damage and touch

Technical Details

Documentation : Link

Show Case Demo : Link

Show Case Video : Link


  • System AI Shooter ( Health, Health Bar, Weapon Spawn, Find Ammo, Distance Find Ammo, Acurracy Shooting, Move, Drop Item, Type Target, Team Select, Color Material )
  • System Perception (vision, hearing, damage and touch)
  • Ai precision system (low, medium, high)
  • Ammo search system
  • Drop system (weapon, ammo and health)
  • AI behavior system (Patrol, Search for ammo, investigate sounds, chase target, attack target, melee when close)
  • Target system (player, AI vs AI, all targets)
  • AI locomotion system ( Patrol , random location )
  • System behavior tree
  • Complete Weapon System ( Damage, Fire Mode, Fire Rate, Sound, Icon, Animation )
  •  Menu Radial ( Weapons )
  • Pick Up System ( Ammunition and Health )
  • System AimOffset
  • More items can be added in updates with your feedback

Used for demonstration: Lyra Starter Game

Number of Blueprints: 50

Input: (keyboard, mouse)

Network Replicated: No

Tested platforms: Windows

Contact: [email protected]

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