BCD Closeup Camera

Brief introduction:

Closeup Camera is a pure data-driven tool that can be used to quickly make various game shots. It is especially useful for action games, such as making execution shots and special attack shots. I use it a lot in my own game practice. Complex camera movements can be achieved without changing the player’s original camera Settings and without creating level sequences.

Why do you need it:

· Pure data driven, no need to write extra blueprint logic, create level sequences, add lots of camera slots.

· Each close-up corresponds to a data asset, which can be reused quickly. It is not limited to a certain character, but needs to distinguish between players and other characters.

· Provides multiple functions and supports custom opening and closing.

· When a close-up is played, a new camera and SpringArm are spawned, and the original player camera is not modified.

· Easy to use, with animation notification, components, blueprints macro can play close-up.

· It offers dozens of ready-made close-ups that can be used in your own game after you fine-tune the parameters.

· Allows the use of curves to control the motion of each frame of the camera and SpringArm.

· Written by pure blueprints, almost every variable and function is richly annotated and easy to learn and modify.

· You can create a dynamic and complex execution camera.

If you want to quickly create camera modes such as third-person mode, ADS mode, simple closeup mode and top down mode, and transition naturally between different camera modes, you can consider another product of mine.BCD Dynamic Camera


Closeup Camera是纯数据驱动的,可以用于快速制作各种游戏镜头的工具。它尤其适用于动作游戏,比如制作处决镜头、特殊攻击镜头、受击镜头。我在自己的游戏练习中大量的使用。不需要改动玩家原有的相机设置,不需要创建关卡序列,就可以实现复杂的相机运动。


1. 纯数据驱动,不需要编写额外的蓝图逻辑、创建关卡序列、添加很多的相机插槽。不需要提前在角色、场景中放置相机。

2. 每个特写镜头对应一个数据资产,可以快速复用,不局限于某个角色,但需要区分是玩家还是其他角色。

3. 提供了很多功能,支持自定义开启和关闭。

4. 播放特写镜头时,会生成新的相机和相机臂,不会对原有玩家相机进行修改。

5. 使用方便,添加动画通知、组件、蓝图宏都可以播放特写镜头。

6. 提供了几十个现成的特写镜头,微调参数后即可用于自己的游戏。

7. 允许使用曲线控制相机和相机臂每帧的运动。

8. 由纯蓝图编写,几乎每个变量和函数都有丰富的注释,易于学习和修改。

9. 可以创建富有动态的复杂处决运镜。


可以考虑我的另外一款产品BCD Dynamic Camera

Current Version: V2.0

Trailer Video YouTube:https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=EB-DRk47d6k&t=15s


Trailer Video Bilibili:https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1ha4y1V7tq/?spm_id_from=333.999.0.0&vd_source=c0c268aaf2ebdaa19601ab1c7a42eccc


Tutorial Video YouTube:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EjcTbDQJdQA

Tutorial Video Bilibili:https://space.bilibili.com/19255749/channel/collectiondetail?sid=1320334

Playable Demo Download: google drive, 百度网盘

Support :售前咨询QQ群-813086210



Mail:[email protected]

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Discord: https://discord.gg/k2K7dNtzPe

My Other Products: BCD Dynamic Camera, BCD Common Indicator

Technical Details


  • Auto blending in and out. The camera can blend out automatically when the montage is interrupted, or when the montage ends and the custom time is reached. Completely custom.
  • Obstacle detection is allowed. If close-up camera detects an obstacle around, it will not play.
  • Allows setting the level of the shot. A low level shot cannot interrupt a high level shot.
  • Allows limiting player movement input, view input, all game input.
  • Allows the use of curves to control the motion of the camera and SpringArm.
  • Enable automatic background blur.
  • Enable camera lag.
  • Allows camera and SpringArm to follow a given position, component, and slot. After that, you can also set the SpringArm and the camera relative transformation.
  • Allows automatic SpringArm length adjustment to be turned on to ensure that both enemy and player are in the shot.
  • Enable automatic detection of enemies in front of the player, and automatically adjust the center of the screen.
  • After the lens is finished, you can choose whether the camera will return to the position and orientation before the lens.

Network Replicated: No

Document : Many tutorial videos


  •  自动混入和混出。镜头可以在蒙太奇被打断时,或者在蒙太奇播放结束时、到达指定时长时,自动混出。完全自定义。
  •  允许障碍物检测,特写镜头检测到周围存在障碍物,则不播放。
  •  允许设置镜头的等级。低等级镜头无法打断高等级镜头的播放。
  • 允许限制玩家的移动输入、查看输入、全部输入。
  • 允许使用曲线控制相机和相机臂的运动。
  • 允许开启自动背景模糊。
  • 允许开启相机延迟。
  • 允许相机和相机臂跟随给定的位置、组件、插槽。跟随目标之后,还能再添加额外的相对变换。
  • 允许开启自动调整相机臂长度,用来确保敌我都能入镜。
  • 允许开启自动检测玩家前方是否有敌人,自动调整画面中心位置。
  • 运镜结束后,可以选择相机是否回到运镜前的位置和朝向。



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