Driveable Vehicle : AH-Raider

Update V.1.4. – required engine version 4.23+

  • Removed event tick nodes from blueprint and destroyed version
  • Blueprint optimization
  • Added new skins Meric
  • Added dummy tank
  • Added dummy drone

Fully working stealth armed reconnaissance and attack helicopter, AH- Raider it has seven skins, and fully working turret, working rocket pods working guidet Hellfire and Stinger missiles.

Realistic sounds of the engine and main – secondary weapons.

Working flares, animated landing gears and weapon bay doors.

Ability to add stub wings ( increase number of Hellfires and Stinger missles )

It can be used in any game or project, also in project is included destroyed version of the vehicle.

Vehicle is build from scratch.

If you owned computer in 1998 some nostalgia will kick in.

More on vehicle.

Breakdown video 1.0 version, it will be updated with latest version

Custom character integration ( please follow instruction no matter which vehicle is in use )

Try it before you get it, if you like it tell me why if you don’t like it then especially tell me why i will improve the vehicle.

Demo V.1.4.

Thank you 🙂

Technical Details

Fully working stealth armed reconnaissance and attack helicopter

  • 7 skins marine skin, woodland camo , desert camo, digital camo , white wolf, tiger shark and Merica skin 🙂
  • PBR textures 4k body, 4k cockpit, 1k rocket pods, 1k missiles, 512×512 windshield, 512×512 lights
  • Working turret
  • Working rocket pods
  • Working guided Hellfire and Stinger missles ( ATG and AAM )
  • Working flares
  • Detailed cockpit
  • Realistic sounds engine, weapons, etc
  • Animated landing gears
  • Animated weapons bay
  • Particle effects for muzzle flashes, missile launches, rocket pods fire etc
  • Enter exit vehicle at any time
  • Multiple camera location
  • Working hud with custom icons
  • Working lights, working indicators
  • Working health system
  • Destroyed version of the vehicle is included
  • Ability to stub wings for additional Hellfires and Stinger missles

The vehicle is not associated with any real life vehicle, there are no logos or naming of real life vehicle.r

Notice : For version 1.0 – 1.3

Please before opening project enable APEX plugin in your Unreal 4 editor, navigate to Edit \ Plugins, and scroll down and locate Apex Destruction and click Enable.

This will assure that Demonstration map work as intended.

Number of Blueprints: One for vehicle and one for destroyed version

Input: Keyboard and mouse

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