Gun Sight Auto Aligner


-Four separate setups – two for Arms-Only 1st Person and two for Full-Body True 1st Person/3rd Person. Each setup is comprised of a separate Character-Gun-AnimBP set

Automatic animation that aligns the gun sights to the character view when pressing aim down sights

-Full-body character with no invisible or separated parts (only one mesh)

-Full-body character uses only one set of anims for all views

Reload while aiming and reload not aiming with only one anim sequence

Multiple sights on the gun

No aiming animation required, simple idle animations become aiming animations with sights aligned

-Fire while aiming and fire not aiming

-Walk aim sway

-Static or skeletal mesh guns and sights

Technical Details​

Input: Pre-configured for Keyboard and Mouse
Network Replicated: No
Supported Development Platforms: Tested on Windows 10 64-bit desktop
Supported Target Build Platforms: Tested on Windows 10 64-bit desktop
Documentation: Video link above has detailed instructions. Blueprint code is all commented

Important/Additional Notes:
-The auto-aligning method depends on code present in the included character, gun and anim blueprints. It also depends on Epic’s SK_Mannequin or SK_Mannequin_Arms skeletons
-Gun must be attached to any socket belonging to the hand_r bone
-The example hand_r socket provided fits the example gun provided (currently faces +X axis). When using your own gun, hitting the aim down sights button will still align no matter how misaligned this socket is to your gun. But you still should tweak this socket to your own gun for when not aiming down sights.
-Camera must be within reach of the arms for the alignment to work.

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